1. K

    MMA sparring in illinois

    Hello I am following up on my my post BJJ hardcore sparring. I learned from this thread that most BJJ trains for striking situations but you can get as good as your partner with striking defense. Hence I was wondering are there any MMA jims or dojos that let students from other schools or...
  2. I

    Realistic knife defense against 100% resistance demonstrations. Combat sports based.

    The video was approved and uploaded by the official page of the Russian Combat Sambo Federation.
  3. J

    Customized Martial Art for Boxer

    Hello, I've been boxing for several years now. Lately I got bored and decided to try something that involves the whole body. Something, where I would be able to make 1 amateur fight and where I can use my advantage: boxing. Muay Thai came into my mind, but according to some YouTube videos...
  4. C

    Is Chael Sonnen really a gangster?

    Is MMA fighter Chael Sonnen really a gangster? As in really a criminal? I often see him saying that he's a gangster. For example, during his upcoming UFC 148 fight against Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen said, "I'm Not a Martial Artist. I'm a Gangster'. Seriously, what do these all mean?
  5. S

    How to Beat a Muay Thai/BJJ Practitioner in an MMA fight?

    I do Krav Maga, but we do training that much more closely reflects kickboxing/karate as opposed to the usual knife/gun defense stuff that Krav has ill reputation for. I'm good with my knees and elbows, and I've got a decent ground game. I've been practicing martial arts since April of this year...

    mma fighters who started from boxing

    give me names please

    want to be world champion but no talent at all

    I'm learning boxing for 3 months and I want to be a world champion but my coach says I'm really bad, he's now sending someone who trains a month in total to the competition and I asked him why I was not sent to the competition he said: because he has more potential than you, you could say it...

    Why do people underestimate boxing so much?

    I see a lot of mma fanboys always talk about that boxing is bad and an mma fighter will always win a boxer and I can say it annoys me a lot according to the espn boxing is in first place in terms of difficulty according to the ranking of the hardest sports in the world, I really want to see mma...

    im feeling lost

    I translate it from Google Translate so maybe there will be some mistakes here, my problem is in boxing, I am completely lacking in talent and even my coach tells me this I am very very bad in boxing I am completely lacking in talent and it takes me full time to learn technique, I constantly...
  10. Christopher Adamchek

    Weapons training for empty hand fighting

    I love weapons training for many reasons, but recently i have a student who loves empty hand fighting and doesnt care much for our weapons training. So here are some points ive noted to him on how it can make you a better empty hand fighter. Additional ranges - improve range management Angles...
  11. JKDJade

    So Let Me Get This Straight-- Why Don't We Have New Arts?

    Here are some names: Bruce Lee- JKD Ed Parker- Ed Parker Kenpo Bart Vale- Chinese Kenpo Tony Leo- Shuri Shindo Ryu Freedie Lee- Freedie's Modern Fu Al Tracy - Tracy Kenpo Jeff Speakman -Kenpo 5,0 Helio Gracie- BJJ Steve Mohamad- Black Karate Federation Gary Dill- Bushido Kempo/SDS Chuck...
  12. K

    New Jiu Jitsu and MMA channel for Kids and Adults, something for Quarantine days

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum and apologies if I have done so, but we started a new channel for Jiu Jitsu and MMA for both kids and adults aimed at showcasing fighting moves, tournament highlights and anti-bullying techniques, You can see some of these vids here...
  13. R

    Rishinjuku karate

    Rishinjuku karate is a full-contact karate style which allows all strikes. This includes: bare knuckle face punches, head butts, knees, elbows, kicks and attacks to the groin in its Tatsujin competition format. It is trained in such a manner that men, women and children can train it safely...
  14. D

    At what age should boys start fighting with full contact to the body?

    Some 10-13 year old boys want to start fighting full contact. In our club (Thai Boxing and MMA) full contact to the head starts with 16 and to the body with 14. I think, when the boys want to fight with full contact and the parents agree, there is no reason not to allow it. And for self...
  15. A

    5 Martial Arts at Once

    Hey guys, So I've been doing Muay Thai and BJJ for a month now. I've done some research by looking around and came to the conclusion that to be a good fighter you need to be well rounded. A YouTube channel called FightTips has a video saying to be a good MMA fighter you should do 5 Martial...
  16. P

    Recovery Time for MMA after inguinal Hernia surgery

    Hi to all, I'm a newcome in that forum, i've choosen it because the number or participants. I'm a 5TH degreee Karate black belt ad i train myself every day. Actually I'm 44 and started when i was 6. I've ever loved kumite so i dedicated all my life to combat. Three months ago i've had a knee...
  17. O

    I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do o

    The tittle was I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do more. This is for every style, system, school, etc. I believe that it could be of benefit to everyone. I'll like to talk about the lack of aesthetics in all MA which are very noticeable during sparring or competitions...
  18. D

    Application of Chi Sau and Ipon Kumite guard in MMA

  19. ShotoSean

    Karate "How To's"

    Hi, everyone! I've started posting "Karate How To's" on my Youtube channel. I don't have much content so far but with what I do have, I hope it helps you! Youtube: ShotoSean I'm also open for suggestions! Osu!
  20. A

    Mass or Definition?

    Hello guys, i just want to ask you is it better to do the gym workout with weights or street workout like push ups etc... for martial arts? Thanks :)
  21. G

    HEMA anyone?

    Funny vid on HEMA in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
  22. S

    Practicing for 6 weeks - seeking sparring advice/help/guidance

    Good morning and happy November 1st! My name is Sarah and I'm new to this forum as well as new to martial arts. I wanted to introduce myself and to put some questions/concerns out there in hopes of receiving advice/help/guidance. I'm a 33 year old female. I've wanted to participate in...
  23. Anarax

    Are Standing Arm Break Unsportsmanlike in MMA?

    I was reviewing some of the unorthodox techniques in MMA and Waki Gatame(the first lock I was taught) caught my eye. Shinya Aoki applied it beautifully in the video below. I of course had to read the YouTube comments and some were saying the break was unsportsmanlike. I can see part of their...
  24. A

    Self introduction & several aspects of street fighting, and my opinion on MA in such scenarios.

    Hello Everyone, I'm Alex I'm new to the community, I'm a practitioner of many styles of martial arts and keep on adding more to my curriculum. I started training at age two and have trained in a very traditional way with many great masters with more than 50 years of experience in the field. I...
  25. T

    The Truth about Dan Severns Gym- MICHIGAN SPORTS CAMP

    No coaches that know what they are doing, 1 coach will not coach because he does not get paid by Dan. 2nd coach has multiple felony charges piled up for domestic assault, and 3 is Dan who is only there about once a week.
  26. G

    5 Badass Kung Fu Fighters Who PROVED That Kung Fu is Legit

    Hey guys. New here. Just wanna post this video to see what are your opinions on kung fu. Is it practical and lethal or do you disagree with others in saying that it is bullshido?
  27. andyscriven

    Reading Kicks & Movement in Sparring.

    I use this drill with my students and in my own training. I found it really good for reading the movement of my opponent. As its a safe drill beginners like it and they learn the motion of blocking in addition to being kicked at full speed. It would be interesting to see how practitioners...
  28. andyscriven

    An awesome drill to improve your understanding of leg kicks.

    I have taught Karate and Muay Thai for many years and this drill has been really successful in teaching students different ways to use leg kicks. The routine is 5 separate kicks put together in one flow drill. As it incorporates angles you can work in safe entry and exit from each move. You can...
  29. Vince Millett

    1990s Japanese MMA jiu jitsu tournaments (originally posted in my blog)

    It's the mid 90s and the martial arts world has discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after the launch of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's going to be a while before BJJ becomes part of the martial arts scene back in the source of jiu jitsu, Japan, but Japan already has some mixed martial arts...
  30. Anarax

    New Member

    Hello, I've been training in Martial Arts for over 10 years. I have studied Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Brazilian and some European Martial Arts. I've taught fencing for 2 years at the college level. I'm heavily involved in Martial Arts history and understanding the historical context...