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  • i had been pretty consistent for a few months and my body just gave out recently. so taking a much deserved break! ^.^
    got my first "ahh ha" day! improvements in posture and balance breaking might be small but very happy to improve a tiny bit today!!
    I can't believe just over 3 years ago i had trouble training for more than a couple of hrs a week, but now i can survive 5-7hrs a week!
    My world has been turned upside down since i last posted with a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer... doing bjj now
    after a knee injury for a month n being sick for another, the semester is almost over and i'm bak to karate, the universe has realigned. lol
    So happy I was able to go to karate class today! Recovering from the flu still, but made myself go n had some great fun!
    OMG i joined in with the whole class for the first time! so happy! usually i get taken out the back to ge shown some basic moves privately.
    wow!! i just found out from my mum (who can read chinese) that the karate system i'm with means "honest daoism" in chinese!
    for the first time since i started karate nearly 2 months ago, lupus (SLE) got the best of me today. oh well, try try again on Saturday.
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