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  1. Owen Molloy


    I am currently part-taking in A-level Product Design, in my final project I have free rein on the whole thing. So, I have decided to design and manufacture a Martial Arts belt display case. Would be great to hear some responses and even suggestions to improve. All of the possible responses are...
  2. Owen Molloy


    I am currently part-taking in A-level Product Design, in my final project I have free rein on the whole thing. So, I have decided to design and manufacture a Martial Arts belt display case. Would be great to hear some responses and even suggestions to improve. All of the possible responses are...
  3. D

    Focused Flexibility by GMB Fitness?

    Hey guys, I found this website the other day called GMB Fitness. I came across it on my search for flexibility training, for the sake of my Taekwondo training. They have a program that is called Focused Flexibility that they are offering for a very big price, not a $200 big price, but...
  4. O

    Water is your friend.

    Quick question to everyone out there: How much water do you drink in a training session? I drink 2 L of still water.
  5. O

    The potential of TMA

    First of all a little disclaimer: I like all types, styles, shapes, and flavors of martial arts I have trained judo and TKW for about 20 years, researched about many other styles around the world, I have been a competitor, and I have even been in the cage as a guest in the local MMA gym (In...
  6. O

    Learning when a school or instructor is not available.

    Hey I'm posting this thread since it is my reality, the place where I live has 3 martial arts schools a Judo Dojo, a Taekwondo Dojang, and a MMA school that's it. Really small town and the nearest martial arts school is a TKD Dojang with 2 hour drive one way, now at the very least I have a lot...
  7. D

    Why compete in tournaments?

    Hey guys, I have never competed in any tournament in my martial arts career. I am 26 years old now. Ive only been taking classes. And I got back into it over a year ago after college. I studied Taekwondo. But I would like to know why many of you guys compete. If either of you would like to...
  8. Isaiah90

    Why Taekwondo will get you killed in self defense

    Here's a brief explanation why Taekwondo will get you beaten or killed on the streets. No situational awareness - The first problem is the lack of situational awareness. No one's going to "fight" you. It's going to be an unexpected attack. For example, heard of this Taekwondo practitioner who...
  9. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  10. CoachRonald

    Why should law enforcement officers train BJJ?

    Hi dears comrades, Nowadays everybody seems to be aware of the importance of BJJ being part of the routine of training. There are many reasons to become adept, but in the case of military and law eforcement officers it seems like there was a remaining doubt if it is an...
  11. Isaiah90

    Looking for sparring partners for self defense training

    Looking for sparring partners for self defense training around the NC USA area. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. A

    Help me be a better instructor

    Good Evening everyone. Here is a clip of my senior student doing our four beginner forms. I would like any feedback possible so that I can become aware of things that I'm not catching to help her improve. Thank you so much for your time!
  13. T

    The Truth about Dan Severns Gym- MICHIGAN SPORTS CAMP

    No coaches that know what they are doing, 1 coach will not coach because he does not get paid by Dan. 2nd coach has multiple felony charges piled up for domestic assault, and 3 is Dan who is only there about once a week.
  14. pulsescarborough

    Martial arts creates Violence? Say Yes or No

    Do You think Martial arts creates Violence?
  15. M

    Why is their so much disrespect for Karate? And what can we do to stop it?

    I've been practicing karate for some time now and I was wondering why there's so much disrespect for this martial art. I dont understand that I cant talk about Karate casually without getting that awkward look. I mean people practice wrestling and their practically praised for it. I mean I'll be...
  16. kravmaga1

    Importance of Martial Arts!

    Martial Arts is becoming increasingly popular these days: Self Defense This is the primary reason you should learn this art. It is undeniable that violence exists everywhere. Our team of trainers will help you learn the skills and techniques that will allow you to defend yourself no matter...
  17. Primal Monk

    Five Martial Arts Principles

    I've had the exact same principles in mind, but saw it nicely represented in the Kengan Asura manga. I would add "Physical Fitness", but besides that, this seems like a complete diagram.
  18. kravmaga1

    Martial Arts|Types of Martial Arts!

    In Martial Arts beginners are introduced to basic attack responses, which comprise a larger system taught through scripted scenarios, which allow top notch instructors a platform to share concepts and principles. Steps of Martial Arts are: Felling:- It is to knock an opponent off his feet...
  19. C

    Questions about Japanese Iron fan--tessen

    Before I start this thread, I have no intention to use any of this information for ill will. I am merely curious and a writer who has this character who wields an Iron fan. I respect the martial arts surrounding this weapon so as much as possible, I'd like to make it realistic as possible...
  20. T

    Interested in martial arts, what can i do?

    Hello everyone. I need a little bit of help. You see i was always interested in martial arts but the problem is, that i do not have enough money and i live very far away from the closest martial arts school. It is so far away that in order to get there in time i would have to leave from my...
  21. Kenposcholar

    What do you want in a MA blog?

    What would you like to see in a martial art blog? I'm a professional physicist & also have been studying American Kenpo for nearly 15 years. What kinds of topics do you find lacking from other blogs that my profession could help with? I've been considering making short reads about principles...
  22. KaiHman

    Hello from Karate Kai

    Hello. Hey and hi. How are you? Nice to meet you all here on this awesome martial arts community! Just joined up! I'm Kai, I'm from W/ England. Bristol originally. Now in West Sussex near the sea! I used to do Tae Kwon Do and some Kendo when I was 15ish but was only a yellow belt. Some stuff...
  23. Pineapple Deficiency

    How many types of different bowing are there in martial arts

    I only know 3. Which are the one where you bend 45 degrees it's used in karate, BJJ, etc then there's the one where you have an open palm and a fist together used also by many styles. then there is the Wai bow where you have both palms together. are there more bows in other martial arts besides...
  24. Anarax

    New Member

    Hello, I've been training in Martial Arts for over 10 years. I have studied Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Brazilian and some European Martial Arts. I've taught fencing for 2 years at the college level. I'm heavily involved in Martial Arts history and understanding the historical context...
  25. themodernfighter

    FMA Website On Flippa

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing great, just wanted to drop a quick note that our website including articles are for sale on If anyone wants to own a high quality martial arts site, check out the listing here: - website listed on Flippa Best regards...
  26. Millennial Martial Artist

    Honor Through Martial Arts

    Whenever I watch those old martial arts movies, usually one of the things I always hear is honor; bringing honor to one's family, honor to one's loved one, or honor to their senior, style or dojo/dojang. It really seems like a common connection with martial arts and honor to go hand in hand. But...
  27. ice84

    Fastest Man on the planet for Multipower Brand.

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  28. I

    Had a shoulder injury, thoughts?

    Hello everybody, recently I started doing some Martial arts, i go in for my first day and end up hurting my shoulder pretty bad. The only way i can describe it is that my shoulder mildly came out of the socket, then went back in. It was insanely quick and brief and left my arm shaking...
  29. J

    Why the hate between TMA and MMA?

    I've been looking through forums and am seeing so much hate between TMA and MMA / Kickboxing / BJJ, I've also experienced this from people I've met. My question is, where does all the hate come from? I've trained in different TMA's and also in K1-Kickboxing and I just don't get why anyone would...
  30. J

    Exercise techniques in MA classes

    I'm currently having some issues in class. The more that I am taking part of fitness outside of Martial Arts, the more I'm noticing issues with technique when fellow students are taking part in fitness and warm ups at my club. I'm not sure what to do as this is quite difficult for me, knowing...