For the love of the Japanese sword!

Chris Parker

Feb 18, 2008
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Melbourne, Australia
For the love of the Japanese sword
Comments, reactions feedback, always appreciated :)

Hi Jack,

This is an interesting place I find myself in I find that I am rather intrigued by yourself. First, it must be stated that your blog post(s) are very well written very detailed and well put together, particularly for someone as young as yourself (18). For that alone, you should be commended! Overall, this particular post is quite accurate and well done no real issues with it. But, in looking through it, I covered the rest of your blog, and found some things that, as said, intrigued me.

You state that you began training in the arts when you were 5 and have done a range of systems, including Katori Shinto Ryu (in fact, the banner picture you use is from the Vietnam Dojo of Tenshinsho Den Katori Shinto Ryu under Otake Sensei you do have permission from them to use it, yeah?). Can I ask where and under who you trained, as well as how long? I also note that you will be training under Joe Thambu here next year I would like to extend the invitation to look me up when you're here.

The part that really intrigues me, though, is the connection to Antony Cummins' "Natori Ryu" to be frank, you seem like a well read, serious young student and I find myself having trouble reconciling the two. Cummins and I, to be fair, have had many, many run in's over the years and bluntly, despite your assertion, I would feel that you are far more knowledgable and informed in these areas than he is. Bluntly, he's useless. He cannot read, speak, or understand the language he has claimed to be translating (he really used a kanji study group to do the actual work), he has blatantly plagiarised (interestingly, from other frauds hmm), his understanding of Japanese culture and history, as well as martial arts, and more are highly questionable (to say the least!), and he is, without doubt, one of the very last people I would ever recommend anyone pay any serious attention to.

Outside of that, I am quite impressed with the body of work you have put together, and how you have presented it well done there! You might want to head over to the Meet and Greet section to give some insight into yourself as well you'll meet more of us that way! Welcome aboard!


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Mar 1, 2016
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London, United Kingdom
Hi Chris,
thank you for you reply, and thank you for having a browse through the blog! I suspect that your question with regards to the Katori study relates to whether my teacher is an Otake affiliate or not with regards to the teaching certificate and so on and the answer is, as far as I'm aware, he is not. He's certainly not on the list of people authorized to teach by the Otake line. As to how long I've been studying, not long at all! only about 6 months and as such I am certainly no expert on the subject although I did do my research on the references made in the above article!

Now the Anthony Cummins connection, hmmmmm... Well I first came into contact with him when my friend lent me The true path of the Ninja which is his translation of the Shoninki. Now my knowledge of the Japanese language is extremely basic, but that's something I'm working on rectifying! This considered I continued to use Anthony's translations of documents as a route into the history. I accept that there are people who don't agree with what he says and question his history, but as far as I am concerned that is a good thing! If we didn't question what we were told then where would we be today!? I don't take his word as gospel truth, but the group of people that he has managed to bring together, particularly on social media provide a fantastic forum for me to air ideas, and articles with people who are interested in the subject! Sometimes we disagree, but once again that's a good thing!

Thank you for your invitation for when I'm in Australia, and if Joe Sensei ever lets me out of the dojo I will be sure to take you up on it!

Thanks again for your reply and your advice!