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  1. Wesley-Broekhuis

    Wesley... New to Martial Talk

    Hello everyone, I am new to martial talk. I martial arts i practice are Shaolin Kungfu and He Yong Gan Cane Fighting ( walking stick ) or Sutekki Jutsu. I work in the logistics branche and i am hoping to have a wonderful time at Martial Talk.
  2. Y

    Research on Martial Artists

    Hey guys I am doing some research on Martial artist . I would like to know 1)what is your Current situation 2) What do you want in one year ( Desired Situation after 1 year ) 3) What is stopping you from achieving your desired situation It would mean a lot if you all could give your input...
  3. P

    According to my weight/height ratio , should i lose more than 8 kilos ?!

    My doctor said i should lose at least 8 kilos for some health concerns basically NAFLD steatosis. According to this picture i am at 140 kilos 188 cm , and i would like to know if i should lose more.
  4. P

    Can't believe i got schizophrenia after 4 years of successful kickboxing experience !

    Hello everybody. I am 33 years old man now and I have nice souvenirs with full contact kickboxing , which i practiced since i was 20 until around 24 yo . So after that period of time i developped a mental illness called schizophrenia between 24 and 26 yo , which forced me to stop my training...
  5. Yamabushii

    Northern Virginia Martial Arts & Self-Defense

    Greetings, For anyone that has seen my few posts in this forum in the past, my dojo was previously known as Yamajiro Dojo (or Yamajiro Ninja Academy). After recent rebranding, we renamed our dojo to Shadow Combatives & Self-Defense. Our program has two curriculums: 1. Unarmed Combat: A mixture...
  6. T

    Karate in Los Angeles

    Best Karate Classes Los Angeles What it says on the tin. I am looking for good, quality Karate in Los Angeles, no McDojos! I am asking on here because oftentimes when it comes to traditional arts there are some amazing teachers and classes that arent on yelp or google. But if they are, thats...
  7. C

    Why do shy socially awkward wimpy loners hero worship Bruce Lee?

    I never understand why you shy wimpy loners(who were bullied as youngsters) glorifiy Bruce Lee. You guys often worship Bruce Lee as some heroic underdog against evil. Well here's the reality. The real Bruce Lee was the complete opposite of a heroic underdog fighting for good and justice. Bruce...
  8. Ivan

    Legendary grapplers

    I have been involved in martial arts for almost my entire life. However, apart from some judo classes as a kid, and some japanese jiujitsu classes I didn't fully appreciate as a teenager, I have only ever been involved in striking: Taekwondo, Boxing, Kikcboxing, Capoeira etc. I picked up BJJ...
  9. Kenpo Training Session

    Kenpo Training Session

    PanciPanci/Redmon Kenpo with Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai influence. 48 years of daily practice.
  10. M

    Clinch problems?

    This one's for all those who are either new to clinchfighting or looking to improve their clinchfighting. What's a common problem you started out with that was frustrating af to get over? For me, it was learning to relax and stop trying to just overpower my opponent. Took me about 6 months to...
  11. M

    How often i am gonna get kicked in the nuts if i join a martial arts class?

    Do i really gonna need a cup?How much those absorb the impact,i heard that after a few kicks they can breake. I won't buy a new cup every month
  12. D

    Tapered vs Straight Bo Staff

    So I'm looking to get a new Bo Staff, but I need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which any you guys prefer and why?
  13. Ivan

    Most obscure martial arts?

    What are some martial arts that you have heard of (or preferably, come across personally) that are relatively unknown to the vast majority of the martial arts community? As an example, my old Capoeira teacher from a couple of years ago told me of a fourth style of Capoeira. The known three...
  14. Douwe ter Horst

    New here Douwe ter Horst :-) Kung Fu Zwolle

    Hello i just became a member here, because i just opened my martial arts academy. I would like to learn and follow different threads. My name is Douwe ter Horst and i live in Zutphen in Holland, also known as the Netherlands. I like gaming, cooking and going to party's. The martial arts i...
  15. J

    John from Holland i do Ng Ying Kungfu and Fitness

    Hi there, I am John and i live in Holland. Wanted to look at this forum to learn and connect with fellow martial artists. If it is TMA or Combat Sports i find it all interesting. I myself am married and have one child who is doing Judo practise. I myself did much martial arts training in the...
  16. R

    Practising Strikes with Sai/Tekpi

    Hi I brought sai when I was a teenager and found them in my garage after years. Ive started using them properly now (I just used to use them for generic fight scenes when I was younger and never went to a gym or anything). Ive taken up boxing which I enjoy greatly and was thinking about...
  17. ed cruz

    Wing Chun Vs Arm Wrestling?

    Can this work? Structure vs muscle? I posted a short preview on Kirin Rise YouTube.
  18. ed cruz

    Back on youtube

    Finally back after working on the book series for the last 4 to 5 years. Kirin Rise University on YouTube will be updating on a regular basis once again. Tons of updates this week.
  19. F

    Taekwondo class structure

    I have had a tkd gym for about 2.5 years now and i am still struggling with how to run class and finding drills for my students. I personally feel like i am failing my students, cause i haven't seen a lot of improvement in them, which i could blame on them cause some of them arent very motivated...
  20. KimBjjTaiChi

    Chen Tai Chi martial arts form by Laura Bonthuis

    Laura Bonthuis is my girlfriend and a Dutch martial arts practitioner. Besides martial arts she was a very good Badminton player and won many tournaments and titles. She practised full contact kickboxing under a famous Dutch teacher Wim Scharrenberg ( brother of Koen Scharrenberg a Kyokushinkai...
  21. KimBjjTaiChi

    Hello my name is Kim

    Hello my name is Kim Bergen I live in the Netherlands and i study BJJ (still a white belt) and i practise Tai Chi with my best girlfriend Laura Bonthuis from Apeldoorn. I am.just a beginner but Laura is truly amazing at Tai Chi will post a link of her later so you the "martial arts experts" can...
  22. adamr01

    Great video discussing the poineers of Hapkido in the US

    These guys have a pretty good discussion on Hapkido, and those responsible for popularizing Hapkido here in the US. Having trained Hapkido on both coasts, I have noticed that while Choi Yong Sool is always part of the conversation, not all Hapkido masters trace their history back to the same...
  23. Draco90x

    How does a true martial artist react when his mind starts to deceive him?

    Hello everybody. i have beem performing martial arts in my early 20s for almost 5 years and i must say i have aquired a good sense of discipline and control and i even got better than i was befor in my teens. After some years from quitting i was 26 then now am 29 , i have started to experience...
  24. adamr01

    Are you training in a McDojo?

    I have often wondered why some MA schools that arguably should be great schools run by very accomplished martial artists, keep losing students. At first I thought it was because being a great martial artist and instructor, and running a great martial arts school are two different things. And...
  25. D

    Information About Shorin Ru

    Can anyone explain the rules of Shorin Ryu sparring? I cannot seem to find this information online. I get the gist, but I know some forms of Karate do not allow punches to the face. Does Shorin Ryu sparring allow punches to the face? Thank you.
  26. O

    Am I caring about others too much?

    So I've started training BJJ 7-8 Weeks ago, so you'd call me the new guy right? That's what I thought. However, I've been left stumped recently with my training and how well its going; let me give context. - I'm the only White Belt with no stripes. - I have previous experience in Karate and...
  27. D

    Hapkido School in Central Ohio

    I want to give Hapkido a try. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have only been able to find 4 schools. 3 of them are very expensive, and on the other side of town. The other one is only 1 day a week at the rec center. Does anyone here know of any good schools close to Columbus they could recommend...
  28. D

    From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Japanese Jiu Jitsu

    I recently gave up on Brazilian jujitsu. I love the sport, but my body is mangled - cauliflower ear, scar tissue on my eye, beginning of arthritis on my finger/hand. This is after only 3 months of consistent training. I am interested in Japanese jujitsu, but there just isn't any information...
  29. raskone

    Hey there!

    Hey guys and girls, just wanted to say hi! I've been lurking for some time, but I decided that it was time for me to create a user now. I am practicing a lot of self defense techniques, and have been doing Krav Maga for the last 4 years, but I want to learn more about the actual martial arts...
  30. Kyokushin_1054

    Free Kyokushin Karate Lesson

    Hey guys. I recently spent 5 months creating a project which I have been wanting to make for a while: 8 Kyokushin Karate lesson videos broken down into 6 aspects of kyokushin karate that I believe are important to learn. In my videos I try to not just quickly cover each technique with flashy 10...