1. Black_Dragon

    Body Shots

    My friends and I were sparring and practiced only body shots, and he came in as a guy a couple weight classes above me, he got rlly close and continously went for kidney shots how do i defend and counter that without countering to the head?
  2. J

    Customized Martial Art for Boxer

    Hello, I've been boxing for several years now. Lately I got bored and decided to try something that involves the whole body. Something, where I would be able to make 1 amateur fight and where I can use my advantage: boxing. Muay Thai came into my mind, but according to some YouTube videos...
  3. Ivan

    More shadowboxing footage of me

    Hi. I have not been active recently on here or on my own website - I have approached university exam season which involves heavy studying and I have also been preparing for my first BJJ competition on the 19th June along with 11-15 hours BJJ schedules weekly. Ever since not making the cut for...
  4. Ivan

    I had my shot and I failed

    Hi guys. As you know I have been working towards joining a specific boxing amateur team for a while, improving as much as I can. They had tryouts today and, well, I didn't make the cut. I drove a mate home, who was also in the tryouts (he did make it) and though I was dejected, I thought I could...
  5. Ivan

    How do you spar someone who is faster than you?

    I was at my local kickboxing gym and I feel that I have made some improvement in terms of being more aggressive in sparring. However, one of the instructors that I spar with is considerably faster than me - given that my main tactics when it comes to sparring are to outbox and rely on punishing...
  6. Back-Heeling - Billy Edward

    Back-Heeling - Billy Edward

    Back-Heeling The Art of Boxing and Manual of Training by Billy Edward, 1888, New York, Excelsior Publishing House.
  7. Ivan

    Improvements in my shadowboxing

    Hey guys. Ive been working on your advice since the last time I posted as well asked for advice on an amateurs boxing forum. I was told I needed to focus on punching at head height and full extension in my punches. I have also started to introduce blocks as part of my shadowboxing, and also I...
  8. Ivan

    When should a boxer be flat footed and when shouldnt they be?

    I recently asked for feedback on my footwork on some sparring videos and you all told me that I should focus on staying on the toes of my feet. I have been working diligently on this over the holidays, and have just finished recording myself doing some shadow boxing. Looking back at the footage...
  9. Ivan

    What are your preferred methods of training speed?

    How do you or how have you trained to improve your speed? I am going back home for the Christmas Holidays for 2-3 weeks and every time that I go abroad or on holiday I like to run my own personal "training camps" in which I solely focus on specific aspects of my improvement. In this "training...
  10. Ivan

    Attempting on-your-toes boxing footwork - please critique!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to be a bother, I know it's only been a couple of days since my last post with footage of me, but given that I am shifting my footwork almost completely, I thought it was important to get feedback on it sooner than usual to avoid getting into bad habits. I'd rather focus on...
  11. Ivan

    Dealing with fast jabs

    Hey guys, how's it going? I was recently allowed to try out for the Amateurs Boxing team in my gym by attending a session. At the end of the session, we had a couple of rounds of sparring. I always look to pair up with people who seem bigger or more skilled than me, as I believe that I should...

    mma fighters who started from boxing

    give me names please
  13. G

    Alternating body building and martial arts

    Quick question, i want to do bodybuilding but i also want to do martial arts, theres a martial arts gym that offers classes every day that alternate between boxing and grappling, normally i work out monday to friday targeting different muscle groups each day so i was wondering should i do one...

    want to be world champion but no talent at all

    I'm learning boxing for 3 months and I want to be a world champion but my coach says I'm really bad, he's now sending someone who trains a month in total to the competition and I asked him why I was not sent to the competition he said: because he has more potential than you, you could say it...

    Why do people underestimate boxing so much?

    I see a lot of mma fanboys always talk about that boxing is bad and an mma fighter will always win a boxer and I can say it annoys me a lot according to the espn boxing is in first place in terms of difficulty according to the ranking of the hardest sports in the world, I really want to see mma...

    im feeling lost

    I translate it from Google Translate so maybe there will be some mistakes here, my problem is in boxing, I am completely lacking in talent and even my coach tells me this I am very very bad in boxing I am completely lacking in talent and it takes me full time to learn technique, I constantly...
  17. Ivan

    Boxing and Peek-a-boo: The Key to technical success

    I have been practicing drills Mike Tyson used in his training, for months now. I have also been interested in his style of boxing, pretty much since I started. Due to my problems with not being able to stand my ground in the ring, I never navigated towards it. But after months of drilling...
  18. Ivan

    Can I have some more criticism on my shadowboxing and heavy bag work?

    Shadowboxing Heavybag I have mainly been focusing on improving my footwork and technique and I am slowly making more progress with my infighting boxing as I wish to utilize the peekaboo boxing style. Please give me some criticism, specifically on footwork and technique :D
  19. Ivan

    Criticise my boxing

    I have just been training with my friends as it was a nice day outside and I have two clips of me doing some drills. I was hoping I could get some criticism on my technique. I am the guy in the red tank top. The first video above is a drill of me doing some head movement, specifically...
  20. Ivan

    The Pendulum Step

    Hey guys I haven't posted in a long while. I have been practicing the Pendulum Step. This is the footwork demonstrated by the Kazakhstani boxer in the video below. The Pendulum Step is footwork used to be able to maneuver in and out of your opponent's range. It's a hit and run style of...
  21. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    Yes, it is me, with yet again another shadow boxing video. I was hoping you guys could provide me some feedback on how to further improve, what I do well, what I don't etc. Don't hold back and don't spare my feelings. Here: I was also wondering what your thoughts are on the speed at which I...
  22. J

    Tai chi as a supplement to western boxing?

    Im a boxer and Im interested in tai chi for cross-training purposescombining an external art with an internal one to better understand power generation and body mechanics. However, Ive read that tai chi takes a long time to learn and I only have a year to study with an instructor. Would this...
  23. Ivan

    More of me shadow boxing with the feedback from the last thread

    Hey, I filmed myself shadowboxing again and took on your feedback from last time. This time I concentrated a lot more on technique and power rather than relaxation and speed. I wanted you guys to see and give me some feedback to improve. Hopefully you guys will think this is an improvement, and...
  24. Ivan

    Was Mike Tyson a mexican style boxer?

    I am trying to find the difference between his style and that of most Mexican boxers. They look different, but the motto is the same - seek and destroy.
  25. Ivan

    Any thoughts on a short clip of me shadow boxing?

    Just uploading to ask what you guys think. I don't think I have posted a video of myself like this before.
  26. Ivan

    I will never be able to accept that Adonis Creed won against Viktor Drago in Creed II

    Say what you want, Adonis Creed did not deserve to win. As a character, as an individual, as anything. I mean, even morally, he holds lower ground, he is literally the "bad guy". He acts like an ******* his first time seeing Viktor, for no reason at all. He doesn't have any idea why he is...
  27. R

    Practising Strikes with Sai/Tekpi

    Hi I brought sai when I was a teenager and found them in my garage after years. Ive started using them properly now (I just used to use them for generic fight scenes when I was younger and never went to a gym or anything). Ive taken up boxing which I enjoy greatly and was thinking about...
  28. Ivan

    Looking for a specific set of hand wraps

    A boxing coach of mine from around a year ago let me borrow some of his handwraps. Mine are old mexican style, and to be frank, I hate them. It feels like I am holding onto toilet paper. His seemed very traditional, white (but yellowish from age) and were Lonsdale. He claimed to have bought them...
  29. P

    A practical discussion on endurance and its limits

    I competed in shotokan karate, junior MMA and kickboxing as a kid (10-14) with fairly good results for the chubby bastard I was for the first 2 years My endurance was always sh*t, getting gassed out in the warm-up jog sometimes, but what I lacked in endurance and work ethic I made up in heavy...
  30. Draco90x

    I became so damn heavy ! which sport should i switch to ?

    Hi everybody. Am glad to be here again . since i hit 25 years old i became so heavy specially at 30 years old with a weight of 130 kg compared to my 22 years old's peak endurance 90 kg . So right now am thinking about normalizing my weight but dont know how to recognize my healthy weight...