1. Ivan

    I need help with finding a new fighting stance

    I mainly do Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. However, I am having a lot of trouble mixing the skills that I have learnt from from both of these styles together. Everything is fine when I am sparring in boxing, since I don't have to worry about my boxing stance not being comfortable for kicks. To clarify...
  2. Ivan

    Pain in finger joints

    I do a variant of Traditional Ju Jitsu, Taekwondo and some Capoeira. I used to do boxing on and off but I stopped full on about a year ago maybe more. Whilst I did boxing, after a sparring round or a set of the bags had finished, and I relaxed my hands (inside or outside of the gloves) my...
  3. D

    The Wing Chun fighting stance explained

    I've heard it theorise that chun was actually inspired by 18th or 19th century boxing. Am I alone in seeing the similarities?
  4. A

    Mass or Definition?

    Hello guys, i just want to ask you is it better to do the gym workout with weights or street workout like push ups etc... for martial arts? Thanks :)
  5. G

    Panantukan in Boxing and MMA

    Hey guys. Just want to share this video my online friend made about panantukan techniques used in professional fighting. Its got some interesting info and some Im a bit skeptical about. But overall, its an informative little video essay. What are your thoughts on it? I always consider...
  6. B

    Too old for boxing?

    Hi this is my first post on this forum and my first question is : I am 18 , am I too old to start boxing? Next thing is my body I am really tall about 195cm but I am really skinny guy I weight only around 67 kg I think I am too weak. I used to do karate when I was younger it was fun but I always...
  7. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  8. FireBreathingBeast

    Hello Everyone! (introduction)

    I hope I got this in the right place. My name is Joshua, I'm from the UK, I am a very passionate martial artist although have been out of training for some time now. I have trained in various arts such as: Muay Thai, Conventional Boxing, Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do (my main love haha). Also I...
  9. T

    The Truth about Dan Severns Gym- MICHIGAN SPORTS CAMP

    No coaches that know what they are doing, 1 coach will not coach because he does not get paid by Dan. 2nd coach has multiple felony charges piled up for domestic assault, and 3 is Dan who is only there about once a week.
  10. AngryHobbit

    I hate sparring. I love sparring.

    After eight years of a more traditional aikido training, with challenging but somewhat scripted attack lines, some grappling, and some striking (but with the instruction to never touch the target if practicing striking with a person), I've now had some exposure to sparring - and I am convinced...
  11. S-K-K

    Boxing or American Kickboxing

    Is boxing or American kickboxing strong? Would a boxer win over a American kickboxer?
  12. M

    Streetfighter vs Muay Thai?

    Hello! I have been doing muay thai for almost 10 months now, I pratice like 5 times per week atleast and sparr. I think I would have a good chance of beating someone in a streetfight who doesnt have any MA experince but I am not sure. My question to you is how well do you think someone like me...
  13. M

    Boxing or Muay Thai

    Hello I'm a middle schooler trying to figure out which martial arts to learn (and also I could learn more efficiently during winter break that just began). I have a boxing area that is really close to me, and isn't much of a problem walking to. However I've heard that Muay thai could be a better...
  14. lansao

    Confidentiality & Other Thoughts on Telegraphing

    Hello, I'm curious to learn more about how telegraphing is studied by different Wing Chun lineages. Is confidentiality of movement a priority across the board? If so, in what ways do you incorporate confidentiality into your practice? ~ Alan
  15. lansao

    Healthy Tension & Limits of Relaxation

    In sampling a few arts, I've heard a variety of thoughts on relaxation and would love to get thoughts on this from an MMA perspective. How relaxed is too relaxed? How much tension is too much tension? What complementary muscle groups do you activate/deactivate in different scenarios?
  16. KangTsai

    Boxing at the Gym 8/12/2016 at 16:00

    It wasn't my choice to only do boxing here: the sign behind me reads "Please do not kick the boxing bag." This was a short sample between rounds I filmed to check form and speed etc. I'm not too disappointed. I focused on punch power, especially on hitting hard from close launching distances, so...
  17. T

    Team Fighting Championship

    So I found this on YouTube. It is out of Europe. Apparently the rules are last man standing's team wins and once you opponent is down, you can assist one of your team mates...... There is 4 minutes of preshow stuff before the fight starts if you want to skip forward or you can watch the ring...
  18. sugarfoot8802

    Cleto Reyes Hybrid Glove Review

    Hello! I've been using these new cleto reyes hybrids for a while now and I wrote a review in case anybody is interested. I also talk a lot about Fairtex BGV1's that I was using before and there's some comparisons. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thanks "Cleto Reyes Hybrid Boxing Gloves...
  19. sugarfoot8802

    Cleto Reyes Hybrid Glove Review

    Hello! I've been using these new cleto reyes hybrids for a while now and I wrote a review in case anybody is interested. I also talk a lot about Fairtex BGV1's that I was using before and there's some comparisons. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thanks "Cleto Reyes Hybrid Boxing Gloves...
  20. sugarfoot8802

    New to Kickboxing / Muay Thai? Here's some tips.

    Hello! A few months ago I joined the local mma gym and I've documented the process and given some tips for beginners and some good things to know before you start. Article is below and if you have no questions or comments, please let me know! "Introduction to Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Boxing"
  21. WW3 Combatives

    Knife from WW3 Combative's

  22. AdhamPitbullKabil

    Are Those Martial Arts Good Together??

    so im a 14 year old boxing silver medalist, first place on the state twice and a bodybuilding gold medalist i started boxing a year ago i was getting bullied ..... so i joined boxing to be able to beat the guys that bullied me after 2 months i was upgraded to the semi-top team (the coach said...
  23. Isaiah90

    Fighting a boxer in Wing Chun

    Just a few thoughts on fighting a boxer. Wing Chun is great with hand strikes but an experienced boxer has more power and speed with his punches. Similar to Wing Chun, the boxer's power comes from the ground in a stable stance. The difference is that the boxer has no defense for his legs. Wing...
  24. P

    Seeking DC Style/Dojo Recommendations

    Hey all! Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and thanks in advance for whatever advice you have. I'm a 20yo student taking time off of college to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm spending April-September in Washington D.C. and want to explore martial arts while I'm...
  25. A

    Trening with street Fighter, (Kung Fu vs Jeet Kune Do)

    I spent a couple of hours of training with a street fighter, a big fan of Bruce Lee. It turned out quite interesting, because we did not staged scenes and assorted variety of combat situations. A fan tried to attack me constantly surprise attacks :) I showed my system, this is the Kungfu that...
  26. MAfreak

    finding oneself in stranger's sparring-videos :D

    two times i saw videos on youtube or facebook where i found myself in, what is funny when you see yourself in trouble 'cause being fully exhausted or with bigger and heavier guys. :D but no excuses, i cut the scenes and put them on my own small channel, so i'd like to post them here. :) the...
  27. S

    Ignorant People About Martial Arts

    What do you guys think about people who disrespect martial arts? Theres this guy im friends with and he stereotyped martial arts. When I asked him if he could beat a Muay Thai and boxing practitioner who is also a friend of mine, he said he could probably beat him because he doesnt care about...