More shadowboxing footage of me


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Apr 8, 2018
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Hi. I have not been active recently on here or on my own website - I have approached university exam season which involves heavy studying and I have also been preparing for my first BJJ competition on the 19th June along with 11-15 hours BJJ schedules weekly. Ever since not making the cut for the amateur team I started leaning heavily on grappling, and I avoided thinking about my striking in general. Recently I have been trying to get back into working on shadowboxing technique.

I am a bit rusty but I have identified some issues that I would like advice on fixing, as well as asking for some general feedback if its not too much trouble :) Here is the video:

My main issue currently is that my right foot is not pivoting properly. You can see this when I shadowboxing with my back facing the camera - my definition of pivot is that my toes completely face the direction Im punching and that my hips twist inwards. Although my hips seem to be twisting, my right foot seems to sort of diagonally lift itself upwards even though I physically feel like I am pivoting it. Is this normal? How can I correct it?

Id also like to ask whether I am too hunched up in my stance? It seems that my shoulders are a bit tense in the video, or am I wrong? Lastly, how do I make it all flow better? Im a bit of a perfectionist, and Id like to be as close to professional or amateur level as I can, though I know thats a high expectation.

Lastly, if you can spot any other things I can correct or that would be more efficient if done in any other way, I am always open to feedback. Thanks again to all of you!