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Feb 17, 2024
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Hey guys I am doing some research on Martial artist . I would like to know
1)what is your Current situation 2) What do you want in one year ( Desired Situation after 1 year )
3) What is stopping you from achieving your desired situation

It would mean a lot if you all could give your input Thank you
Hmm. 29 yrs in the arts. I did have a dojo with many more students. Always on a personal residence, nothing commercial. I got sick some years ago. Work, teaching and all that stopped for some years. A friend wanted me to teach him so I opened a small class, like under 10 people on a donation based system. I'm semi retired, so I teach a seminar every other weekend for now. My desired, maybe a class a week with 8-10. I'll just let it happen if it does.
I'd like to cross train some more. But for me luckily it's all as it goes with no expectations. In the past I tried to hard to make it work and it didn't so now I'll take it as it comes.
I have too may other distractions whether that is work or grandkids/kids, economy to put much more into it. I'm an average practitioner that knows how to convey an idea or method. My students are much better than I am IMO.

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