You WILL get cut if someone has a knife. I disagree....

Gerry Seymour

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Mar 27, 2012
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Hendersonville, NC
Personally I can't see a lot of realism in this footage.
Agreed. It might be a good drill (depending how it's used), but it doesn't depict any resistance or counter-timing. Nothing more realistic in it than any other passive-partner drill.

The Gray (Hair) Man

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Oct 24, 2022
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What are your thoughts on the realities of dealing with knife attacks?
Knives are scary. I practice training with a knife and we do scenario drills. There is nobody so far I've drilled or sparred with that I can't "cut" with my training knife - including when they try to immobilize my knife hand. Lots of times I get tagged too. There's no guarantee of success.

That said, not everyone that has a knife will use it for anything other than intimidation. Or if they do try to use it, they may not use it well.

That said again, anyone, regardless of their training, can be potentially dangerous with a knife. Sometimes even more dangerous because they don't attack in ways a "trained" person would attack.

When it comes to a knife attack my priorities are:

  1. Get away.
  2. Talk my way out of it if I can't get away.
  3. Deploy my knife if I can't talk my way out of it.
  4. Use empty hands to create time and/or distance to give me the opportunity to deploy my knife.