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  • Black Lion;
    You said, I cannot agree that I was truly assaulted becuase I had been in worse and knew the difference between assault and aggression...
    If it was done by another guy and witnessed by police, hed likely be charged and you would be required by law to testify against him.
    You asked, Was it a woman and what did you do to her????
    The shortest answer is that I did nothing and the police agreed with me.
    You said, Scientifically they are different and more "fragile creatures" than men
    Take the case of the famed French swords woman, La Maupin.
    Grace OMalley was well known as sea captain and Irish pirate.
    Here is a link to many other warrior women throughout history.
    Without prejudice
    Hey BL, I wonder if you've ever had any experience with Xingyiquan (Hsing-I Chuan)? A lot of your ideas of hitting with full body mass, and projecting through your opponent are the same. Just curious, and thought it might be something you might check out if you come across an instructor.
    Thanks for adding me as a friend, one of these days I'll have to make it down there and workout with you guys one Sunday. Joe
    Hello Broderick,

    Just for the record, I really enjoy your posts and I do get where you are coming from. I appreciate the time that you have taken and patience you have shown in articulating your points.

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