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    Zero ha no reason to dislike all my posts. Harassment.
    Just to let you know, I'll be hosting a Balintawak gathering at Kent Falls State Park Saturday August 7th at 10am. The info should pop up on martialtalk soon. It's already on fmatalk if you look at that site.
    Can't believe I didn't get around to the friends thing sooner. I forget it's here sometimes! LOL! And in completely unrelated news, I just noticed you and my son share the same birthday.
    I never should have posted on your MMA/TMA methodologies thread. Haha I almost didn't lol.
    Hey Mike, aka "Cyber Ninja", just stopping by to say HI. Hope all is well with you and yours brother. Where in Ct are you? Might be going to Providence RI in the next couple months and was wondering how far you are from there. Anyway take care bro and I'll chat with you later. Joe
    Hey Mke, just popping in to say HI, haven't been here much the last week or so. Hope everything is good, Joe
    Hey Mike, haven't decided yet. But, like always I'll have my stuff with me and decide when I get there. Chaces are I'll fight, even tho the doctor says I shouldn't. (jacked up elbow). Hope you and yours have a fun and safe 4th of July my riend, Joe
    Hey Mike, was my turn to disappear for a while, been busy, training for the big Kaju tourney in a couple of weeks. Still don't know if I'm fighting or not. Will play it by ear. Hope everythings' been good with you. Joe
    Hey Mike, (AKA Stealth Boy) My weekend has been good so far, hope yours was the same brother. Joe
    One of these days Mike, I'm gonna catch you on here and you'll be busted! Ha Hope you had a good weekend, Joe
    Mike, your like a cyber ninja or something, can never actually catch you online, but see that you've been there! Have a good one, Joe
    Damn Mike, you always come up with good topics and great posts. Hope all is well, take care. Joe
    Hey Mike, How's it going? We never seem to be on line at the same time. Tag your it! Have a good one. Joe
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