Kenpo/Kempo Roll Call

What system of Kenpo do you study?

  • American Kenpo

  • Tracy Kenpo

  • Shaolin Kenpo (Castro)

  • Shaolin Kempo (Vilarri)

  • Kajukenbo

  • Cerio Kenpo

  • Kosho Ryu (Mitose)

  • Kara Ho (Chow)

  • Traditional Okinawan/Japanese (Ryukyu, Shorinji, etc)

  • Other (Modern, Westernized, off-shoots)

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Um feeling a little outnumbered, Ryukyu Kempo.
(but I used to study American Kenpo!)

Originally posted by Goldendragon7
:) We can always get you back on the right path:D


You know Sir, I'm not saying it won't happen, but if it does, it won't be for a while yet. My current instructor has just too much to share, for me to leave anytime soon. I'm sort of guessing that I have the same feeling for my instructor, as you might have had for Mr. Parker after the first time he instructed a class you were in.

I will say this though, for it to happen, the level of arrogance in American Kenpo schools here in Australia, would have to drop off quite substantially!
However, having said that I must admit I do love the system, and the way things are done in AK. I still attend any and all seminars that I can.

The strangest thing though, is that so many of the techniques in the advanced levels are so similar to ones that I have seen in AK, I just do the version, I already have commited to muscle memory.


I was just joshin with you a little. If you love where you are..... then by all means stay till you feel a need to go elsewhere! You have a great attitude and are keeping an open eye to everything so keep at it mate!! I don't know about the attitudes of anyone around you in your country but there are plenty of us that I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy quite well and learn a lot from if and when the time arises......

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Keep up the good work and study your Art to it's fullest.


Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate at Sibok Tom Kelly's school in Wichita, KS
Ed Parker's American Kenpo

Mike Cappi's American Karate in Lansdale, Pa
First I would like to say hello to all the people on this board. I am new here. So hello all. :) :asian: I study Chinese Kempo Karate and was told by my instructor that it has roots from Mitose, Shaolin Kempo, and Traditional Okinawan. Well just thought I would say hello. :asian:


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Tracy's, and looking for an excellent kicking art!
Any suggestions?
Hey he asked for a kicking art, not a martial art or self defense system!! Hence the reply he got:rofl: :rofl:
Why is it you compare something like that with kenpo? There's no need to:shrug: