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  • Bob wanted you to know I had my IT review my problem with timing out situation on posts he said the same thing use FireFox ect but I have found temp solution I just need to be patient maybe 30 seonds less or more at times.
    If the submit quick reply does not acitvate and it locks up I hit it again and I get the recover web page at bottom I just leave it alone and it goes through sometimes two minutes sometimes 30 seconds but it works and I don't loos my post thanks fory your help and hard work its much appreciated
    IM ask you if you read this then every one elas does kenjutsu also have decpesion in as must and ninjutsu and do it play true in every day life i you might not like my stuff
    Here is a thousand dollar idea for you:
    Sell forum indulgences: $20 to tell someone to GFY, and actually use the full words, $15 for F off... You know, some kind of a scale of profanity...
    You'll be a trend setter.
    Have a little $ icon for the post labeled "Sanctioned Indulgence"
    Hey Bob I need your help with something very important to me ill be moving to california soon and i wanted to continue doing matial arts there. My martial arts choice is kung Fu the problem is which art of Kung Fu.
    Can you explain the difference between xaiolin kung fu and wudang kung fu?
    Bob, there's a rather disturbing ad coming up on MT, it shows a child behind prison bars and says that you or your child could end up in prison or dead if you use self defence techniques, goes on to say they can tell you things your martial arts instructor won't, it's for '' haven't logged on, obviously they are selling something but showing a child behind bars is more than a bit off and may well seriously worry new people to MA. If you can tell me where to go I'll complain to Google if you want. X Irene
    Hey Mr. Hubbard, I'm not sure if you've noticed or if someone else has pointed this out, but where it says, "your most active in:," I think it should say "you're." ^_^
    I was looking for training partners and or students in RI. I went to the advertisement section and read your message about posting for tournaments or events but I was only going to post a short note explaining what I did to see if anyone in my area was interested. Is there a reason I can't post this? WHen I clicked on "new thread" it said I did not have access.
    I posted two seminars and they are not displayed yet. If you need a reference, tom quinn, moderator, is a student of mine- (mor4me).

    Marc Abrams
    Simply a "Hello" :) admin Bob, and a thanks for adding me as a friend. and I added you back. :)
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