Kenpo/Kempo Roll Call

What system of Kenpo do you study?

  • American Kenpo

  • Tracy Kenpo

  • Shaolin Kenpo (Castro)

  • Shaolin Kempo (Vilarri)

  • Kajukenbo

  • Cerio Kenpo

  • Kosho Ryu (Mitose)

  • Kara Ho (Chow)

  • Traditional Okinawan/Japanese (Ryukyu, Shorinji, etc)

  • Other (Modern, Westernized, off-shoots)

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Oct 20, 2001
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chicago area
Since there are so many more members here, I thought it would be nice to see who trains in what.
Ed Parker's American Kenpo at Tom Kelly's Kenpo Karate
Originally posted by brianhunter
Ed Parker's American Kenpo at Tom Kelly's Kenpo Karate


Same here; Mr. Parker's American Kenpo At Sibok Tom Kelly's Kenpo Karate in Wichita Kansas.

Ed Parker's American Kenpo System at Bryan Hawkins' Kenpo Karate Studio in West Los Angeles, California.

Billy Lear, UKS :asian:
Originally posted by Dave Simmons

Tracy's Kenpo Karate with a dash of Joe Lewis Fighting Systems.

Dave Simmons

Me too. Plus the healing art, chotaifuku. Which is really just the healing aspect of our art.
Originally posted by kenpo3631
Currently a student of Mr. Lee Wedlake Jr. in Ft. Myers, FL:asian:

I loved his last seminar in the Chicago area. Also he was my first Martial Arts instructor back in 1981. :D