Why don't women compete with men?

I think it is fair for the ladies to be seprate from the men but i think that there should be an aopportunity to compete against them. I think that maybe say the ladies that come first second and third should spar against the mens that come first second and third. that would be could to see.
In our Kenpo Dojo, men spar with women without any reserve. We wear the same as the guys, head, hand & foot gear. The rules are no face contact, no contact below the belt, back and fight according to belt level. Let me tell you ..size doesn't matter, it's personality and skill. We have a 5', 90 pound 2nd grade school teacher (green belt) who'll come after any of the upper belts, towering over her by a foot or more and outweighing her by close to 200 #'s! She will go after them without fear. Clock her on the headgear and 'it's on'~!! *G*
I, myself have no issues with fighting most men. I'm married to our Sensei so get good hands on experience.. hahaa..

When we have visitors that want to participate in sparring I like to watch their technique before jumping in. We had a Shorin-Ryu BB visit and he was absolutely a delight. He sparred everyone,male and female from white belt up, on their belt level :) Last week we had a Tang Soo Do who's now taking Kenpo downstate, visit.. he lacked control and I didn't feel comfortable fighting him after watching him rock a couple of the mens' heads. Once he got to Sensei, he was taught a lesson. :) (I believe it's a trust issue when fighting in a controlled setting- we know each other at our school, and trust them. Any new person is the 'fear of the unknown factor') though I wouldn't hesitate if in reality attacked by a man.

In our school, you don your gi and genders cease to exist
We also teach Samurai Jiu-jitsu and we all grapple each other. Females tend to get more aggressive when sparring or grappling males from what I have seen.
Of course the lower belts always get fiestier when up against the upper belts no matter what gender ~!
Hey Tess. Long time no chat :) I can just see you and hubby dukin it out (playfully that is) hehehehe.

Anyway, I do get a little aggressive when it comes to fighting men. But I do that because some are "chicken" (the ones that are affraid to hit me). If I get fired up, they might start fighting me like a man lol. Some are good fighters no matter who they fight. But sometimes they get suprised when me and a few other females in my class actually fight back (not back up away from them hehehehe).
Hi Laurie~!! *G* How's the hammy? Better I hope~! Oh yeah Hubby and I have a good time.. course I'm usually the instigator. while in the kitchen I always find it a good time to practice my round kicks on him as he walks by.. ~! Always in Fun though :) Kinda like the grappling with him too~ *smirks.. of course he always gets me in some kinda lock that is beyond me to get out of~!

There's a few guys and girls in each of our College classes every semester that are kinda over powering no matter how many times we have discussed control with.. they either don't listen or have not a clue how to stop themselves. They always get to spar Sensei and that usually drops them down a few pegs. I tend to match whomever I'm fighting with their own power ( this is always later in the term after they have sparred a few times and know better) If they come at me full power, I give it right back.. and they never like the effect~!! I'm 5'6" and 160 pounds of muscle.. and fast hands.. if they don't block.. oh well~!!! male or female..
You go girlfriend~!! Aggression is good~!!
We went to a students TKD BB test yesterday (he's also taking Kenpo at our school) I was disappointed to see what I did as far as the testing.. (He got his BB:) (.. but that's another topic for another thread ~! I'm sure Seig will be starting that thread :)

Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to meet somewhere someday :))

Have a great Sunday!
Hi Damian,
LOL, I don't know where you have taken classes, but the first ten years I was in the arts, I trained with nothing but men. They sure didn't take it easy on me(thank god). :rofl:

The men in my classes do not take it easy on the women wither. They know better. They are all trained the same way and just as hard. :)

I'll add this tidbit: Got to watch a gal go 1-on-1 with our NA champ (Primo L) at the WMAA camp this weekend. She gave as good as she got.

I didn't catch her name, but she handled herself quite well. (Did better than I did against him, by a long shot)

So, in the question can they compete, I say yes. As long as they don't get offended when certain parts get abused. The only 'softening' he did was when they hooked up, it seemed he took her down a bit softer than he does with the guys, but once on the ground, they both went all out.

All I can say is, ladies, if ya grapple, understand, things get grabbed, abused, and sometimes exposed. T-backs are not a good idea, and I'd recomend a sports bra. (keep in mind, theres grappling grabs, and theres copping a feel...if its the later, you don't want to train there.)

and Guys, please pause every so often to pull up your shorts...theres too much 'crack' in the workd as it is. :)

(Nap time...camp was too much fun.) :)
Women can give just as much as men when sparring in some cases they can whip the mens and vice versa but aint that the same whether you fight men or women.
right. Difference noted.

In a fight, things are different. But in a controled situation, they can come out on top.

Don't count women out in the street either. :)

The only time I have ever had to really use my skills to defend my life(although it wasn't the first time in the street), I was the one who walked away. And since I am talking to you, I am the one still breathing.

It is not how big you are...it is what you know, and the will to survie, can turn anyone into a killing machine.

Anyway, have a good day.




LOL. You two sound like me and my honey hehehehe. Most of are practice happens in the kitchen when I get an "itch" to kick. And he is usually the one to get "in the way" hehehehe. And the kick is usually a roundhouse to the butt hehehehe

As far as what Kaith said (things getting grapped, kicked, poked), well that's what the gear is for. Most of the time I get kicked in the chest, but I know it's not intentional (I mean as a rude gesture). That's one of our "scoring" areas, so I don't mind it. Now if a guy IS being rude, I go after him. I won't kick him in the nuts, but he'll feel it when I do kick (my way of saying "back-off buddy) *evil grin* But that hasn't happened.
Hi all, I am starting to get over having to spar with women. I used to take it easy until I was taught a lesson from one of our female BB. She was all over me, it seemed like she had more than 2 arms and legs. I have changed my ways since then, I will spar to the ability of my opponent male or female.

On another note... Ive discovered the most dangerous of all to spar is a WHITE BELT!!! They have NO control:eek: :eek: :eek:
shihan tae , I'm not discounting them, just noting the situations are different. Very rarely do you see a 120lb guy bullying a 300lb gal. :) (Now, Danny Divito [actor], he's different) :D

I think that with proper training, and conditioning, a gal could not only hold her own, but even dominate. When they run into problems is in size/weight differences.

MY GF went toe to to with a 6+ foot, 275+ guy this weekend. (she's 5', 120lb). She held her own until they went to the ground. Then, it was all weight working against her. (He's heavy, I know, he sat on me a bit too. :D)

I think properly prepared, things are a lot more even then most folks think. The average neanderthol though will destroy the avg female. Guy has mass/height on his side.

I'll be honest, I would hope that anyone who reaches blackbelt in an art could defend themself. Truth is, too many belt-factories and watered down arts give a false sence of security. I know 1 kenpo BB (2nd) who hasn't spared in 2 yrs, and who is walked through each test. But, she thinks she knows how to defend herself. Knowledge without experience = pain later in life. IMHO.

Gals, Train hard, and seriously, and you should do fine. (and I'm not just saying that cuz I wanna sell ya all MT tee shirts.) :D

Don't forget that the white belt doesn't know that something is supposed to be impossible, and manages to do it anyway.

Also, their rhythm is naturally broken, because they haven't been trained long enough to establish a rhythm.

Sometimes I wish I would fight like a white belt again. :)

So I understand that it's patronising for guys to go easier on the gals.

I'm a yellow belt so not been training too long and I'm still finding it a bit weird to punch the lasses. And when I'm sparring them and catch myself going easy on em, I feel a bit guilty about it. Now this isn't always the case.

Whenever the girl comes at me and is aggresive, it's not really a problem for me. I'm too busy sparring to think "Oh hold on thar, this is a girl".

So. Any ideas on how to make them a bit more agressive?

LOL Seig. You're right. I hate being kicked in the head. That's one way to get me fired up. Punching don't bother me. I can take body shots all day, but don't you kick me in da head dammit LOL
Originally posted by Seig

Pop them in the head gear a few times or hit their hand gear hard enough to make them hit themselves. But, a warning, this will really fire them up. Be prepared to defend yourself.

That's one of my favorite things to do. Kick 'em in the head gear is about the last thing I do, don't want to hurt 'em.
So I just kick the hands and sometimes they do hit themselves :D