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  • Hope that the leg is healing well and that you are able to continue your practice. Also, thanks for the sky photo's. Wonderful stuff
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    Flying Crane
    Flying Crane
    The leg has healed well. Glad to share the sky photos. I dont often read the new profile posts, I dont really understand what they are.
    Than I saw You had posted on a Tracy's Kempo post a decade ago " I don't like to compare how well they would compete against each other, as I am a firm believer that it is the practitioner, not the art, that matters." and I had to bow nice to meet You
    Flying Crane
    Flying Crane
    Thank you sir, much appreciated, and welcome aboard.
    I signed up just to say Hello and let You know when asked what style is the best I always reply it has more to do with the practitioners athleticism then the style all thing being equal . As in If Bo Jackson had studied a discipline everyone would say that is the best .
    :grins like a Cheshire cat: Thank you for such kind words and congratulatory hugs, my friend. Be assured you did not miss any announcement in the public forums - I've kept it fairly low key but wanted to give a little flavour to those I hold to be friends here at MT :).
    Evening Mike - just wanted to give a quick heads up that there are some new pictures on my gallery here ... hopefully it'll be clear which ones I'm talking about (the ones where I am dressed in more formal than usual clothes :)).
    Toliken fan here too, LOTR, the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, Unfinished Tales and Children of Hurin sit next to the Art of war, the Bubishi and the Book of five rings on my bookshelf. All those books have one thing in common, you discover something new every time you read them again :)
    Man, it is your birthday and I ain't seeing no cake in my inbox! I will never talk to you again! Hey I is just joking, you be sure to have an unbelievably great day whatever you are up to :) Hope all is good? Take care, Jenna xo
    Hi Michael

    Just to elaborate on the matter of Richard Wrights solo album. It's called "Wet Dream" and has some splendid tunes on it. The song I had in my head and the line I quoted from it is called "Aginst the Odds" and is one of my favourite tunes when I'm feeling down. A superb 'sad' song.

    I don't know if it ever came out on CD - my copy is LP (and all the better for it in my lufddite opinion :D) - the 'Tinternet will reveal all I'm sure.
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