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  • Let me know if you got the message I just sent... in other words -- check your messages. Not aware of any reason you should be having trouble.
    I can read the message, but can't answer.
    It's been going on for a few days now.
    Didn't think much of it at first.
    Running Firefox...might have to try chrome...and yeah, windows 7
    Thank you, Gran :big brotherly bear hugs back: {watch for the tears on the shoulder :O}.
    Thank you, my friend. The British weather declined to cooperate in the sunshine department and my mood actually matched the cloudscape as grief rather than celebration was foremost in my heart. But they was sunshine of a sort in that a thrush spent the day determinedly building her nest right outside our living room window :D. I fear she will not stay as there are just too many cats around here but it was nice to see her 'moving in' to keep me company :).
    Aye. As I said to her in her Valentine, wherever our road leads us, the love that links our hearts as one will never break.
    Hi Gran :waves:. It might seem a bit self-aggrandising but I thought I'd give you the nod that I have a number of new pictures in my Gallery that you might not have seen :).
    LOVE it!! Of course that's also partly because Ken Morgan and other folks have called me a closet Canadienne (its true...) :D
    I've had to make another complaint to mods. JohnEdward has made a big post accusing me of making personal attacks on him, it's really too much! I'm signing off in a min as the Festival of Remembrance is on the telly in 5 mins, can't miss that it's a big thing.
    I Know! It's looks a bit weird though, depends whether they have the legs for it!
    Oh ypou'll love it! It's in the womens section, about the AIBA probably going to make the female boxers in the Olympics wear skirts so people can tell them apart from the men!
    It's JohnEdward's comments on the female boxers and skirts thread I started that annoy me, he posts the most sexist comments up then says a few posts later that it's a 'joke' or that his posts are 'multi-layered' whatever that means. i think he's killed off the thread as he's put off any women replying now.
    Our squaddies are off to Afghan this time next year sadly.
    Yeah, no worries! The boxers in skirts thing has me annoyed because of the sheer amount of ignorance some display.
    Yes! Make some and email me a great whopping slice of it over :D Oh and how could I not like your crazy yet clever sense of humour :D
    Ah, that feeling I know. Mine is 15 and would have me believe there is little in this universe he does not already know, pffft.. Black Forest cake or double fudge lol, that is more like serenity :D I am glad you can smile G, I find an outward smile often reflects inward, even when we fake it initially :). Take care for me, Jxo
    Goodness, that is a lot of things to be juggling at one time. I know that training or just taking a walk away from it all helps to paint less convoluted perspectives. For kids that do not do homework, continual positive focus on everything they are doing well adn on how much they are improving with every completed piece of work, can bring their thinking around. I hope you can still summon a smile G? I will promise to smile double for us both and you can owe me it back :) :) Adult beverages meh, I think I will hold out for some Black Forest gateau :D
    Helloo G :) Just dropping by to see if there is any chance of some cake. Or chocolate. :) I hope you are well missy and not too stressed about things. Speak soon, Jenna xo
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