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  • Hey, seems like I can't post on the forum.
    I wonder if my computer is stupid, or something else is off.
    I cleared the cache....deleted cookies....nothing.
    Hi Jim, thanks. Some major net issues, a new job, and other things coming up... I hadn't forgotten anyone here, promise!
    This is a test of your visitor message page. This is only a test. Had this been an actual message....ah,you know the drill :)

    I owe you an apology, as I was quite rude and disrespectful in my previous post/replies.
    I see that you were only trying to help, as I was clearly confused.
    I will state that if I hadn't argued, then I wouldn't get any real answers and justifications for those answers. It's important that I get all of the correct information, or truly, I won't be learning anything.

    Again, I give you my apology and my utmost respect.

    You have all helped tremendously, and I am now happy to say that I have found my "nitch".

    Thank you sincerelly.

    Best Regards,
    Aries Kai

    PS: Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!!!
    Thanks for posting that reading list on the Machida Karate thread! I've read a couple of them already, but it'll be nice to hit the library when it re-opens on Saturday. :)
    Respects Sir. i noticed your post and i agree there have been changes in the ABA over many years. I am a long time student of Dr. Pat Finley (6th Lvl BB ABA) and Prof Jon Collins (Former ABA President) All of my Bando has been kind of finger printed so to speak as Bando was taught almost 30 years ago to Jon & Pat. When i trained w/ Jon, Ron Meekins (RIP) was never far away keeping an eye on who Jon was teaching what. lol. Honestly i prefer the way Jon teaches, but some in the ABA have been unwelcoming to me, so be it, it is the nature of being a student of these two men. I just wanted to offer my respects for your opinion is more level headed than some I have seen in the ABA. Train well and stay safe sir. Jim Linkins
    Hi this is Datito of the Myanmar Bando thaing school in Liverpool England ,you said you are a Black belt in Bando, can you please tell what systems ,methods you have train in Bando also could you please tell me who graded you for your Black Belt
    In our methods for Bando thaing the highest level Belt a student can
    gain is Red ,to gain a higher level you must be able to speak in Burmes for
    all the commands and Bando thaing Oaths,you most also be able to perform all Bando thaing methods to a high standard. I my self have been traiing with my master for well over Ten years ,best wishes and Chazutinbade(THANK YOU)
    Yes, I've noticed a few LEO Martial Artist in the members list. Guess I'll start hitting 'em up on the friends list. I've tried to get other officers that I work with involved in MA but they just cant seem to find the time, afford it, make the committment, etc...
    Stay Safe.
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