To LoneKimono




First off, let me thank you for your becoming a member of this
board. While we have a small handfull of high ranking kenpoists
here, one can't have enough people, such as yourself, Dr Chapel,
Mr Conatser, Mr Trejo, Mr O'briant, Mr Farmer, Mr Simmons,
(hope I didn't miss anyone) on this board.

You sir, have been the subject of many discussions, on kenpo
forums around the internet. Not so much on this board, but
you can reference here and here. There's more discussion
on other boards, but I couldn't possibly reference them without a
TON of work.

I'd like to just ask for your story on your journey, but I'm not sure
you want that disussed on a public forum, of if you'd even want
to discuss it with a stranger, such as myself. Would it be okay
to have an email, or PM discussion with you? If not, I fully, totally,
and completely understand!

So that being said, let me welcome you to this board! I look
forward to reading your posts!

Full Respects Sir!

Well Well i see that there are alot of people who like to know about my rank with Mr Tracy?
First off i'm not going to bad mouth anyone,but my 3rd?
that was because he did not get his money and thats that.
If any one wants to know about ME they can call me @
856-401-9380 and i will tell u what u want to know.
I have not a thing to hide,as far as the rest of my rank?
i stared in 1965 i was 10,u do the math.

Thank you
yours in kenpo
George A Elmer

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