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  • Nothing but good wishes and solid support for you. I've been through this w/closest friends - so much respect and affection for them and for you.
    Check in with us, we'll be thinking and praying for you. you have friends and supporters you don't know by face, but we keep you in our hearts.
    Hey Tim, sorry to hear about that! Personally, I've always enjoyed your comments, but then we're cut from the same cloth! Lol. Yeah, still training when I can, life gets in the way sometimes so I haven't been on in a couple months. Was good to hear from you, keep in touch bro...... Joe
    Problem child? No way. You're an intelligent, passionate, thoughtful, caring person. I love ya lots n lots :)
    Hey Tames, I work out at a great San Soo school in Murrieta, Ca. "Russell Martial Arts", if you're in the area, come workout with us.
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