How many of you have a tat? and how many have a martial arts tat? My instructor has a cirlce design with a dragon on top and a tiger on the bottom.
I've got a couple on my upper arm. They are the Chinese symbols for strength and courage. I want to add the symbol for knowledge above the other two.

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I've thought about having my daughters name tattooed inside a heart on my arm but I'm a little leery of the needle. What does it feel like? Will I feel faint?
I have a dragon on my back-

Rachel mine took an hour & a half to do (lots of color). I can take pain. But truthfully, it wasn't too bad. Initially the outline is deeper and hurts a bit more, then the coloring/shading is easier to take. It's a needle in a little buzzsaw that vibrates, that's what puts the color on. The pain is more like a sunburn kind of feeling. Then while it heals (less than two weeks) it feels tender.

I hear some areas are more tender than others, and I believe the arm is less sensitive. Guys?

I found it was worth every minute, and am getting another when funds permit. (We're piss-poor at the moment.)

I love my tattoo!
I have 2 - a celtic-ish pattern dealie on my right deltoid (not really celtic, but also not really worth describing in more detail than that), and some kanji on my stomach, which translated roughly, means something approaching "Time flies like an arrow, time and tide wait for no man, etc etc".
Once again I mount my language fluency soapbox...


While they look particularly cool, it is important before someone lays on the ink that you know for a fact that the kanji is correct...

I have heard from folks on other fora that they were on the wrong end of receiving a kanji tat that later proved to be done backwards, thus rendering the wearer not cool but a colossal schmuck.


Zepp, didn't see comedian listed on your profile. Don't quit your day job:D . The point of learning MA is to keep your body piece firmly attached in the proper order, isn't it:) . Keep working on that career in comedy.

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Originally posted by Yiliquan1

While they look particularly cool, it is important before someone lays on the ink that you know for a fact that the kanji is correct...

Yes, I considered that before i had the ink laid. The guy who gave me the characters (not the ink, tho) is a prefessor of linguistics at Monash University, Melbourne, and a guy i trust...almost:D I worked with him while i was studying linguistics and semiotics. He lives in japan 6-7 months a year. His wife is japanese. He probably didnt have "This guy is a schmuck" tattooed on my gut.


Unfortunately, the tattoist buggered up one of the characters.

Despite that, it still reminds me to get off my ***.....
I've seen them upside down on the mosh crowd...but I'm sure they could give a crap...might even have been intentional.

Got the kanji for my style tattooed on my left ankle. It seems to be becoming a tradition for my black belts.
When I was in Japan, not too far from where I lived was a tattoo shop run by the best tattoo artist in the prefecture.

I went and talked to him, and was going to have him do some custom art for my forearms - a dragon on the right, a tiger on the left, with traditional stylized flames around the dragon, and traditional stylized waves around the tiger.

Problem was, I couldn't get used to the idea of having permanent ink on my forearms!

So, I didn't get the ink at all... :( Still not sure if that was a good or bad idea.

I would like to get some ink done, but at the same time I balk at the permanence of it - sure, you can get art lasered off, but it is really expensive (and more uncomfortable than the tattoo was in the first place).
Shoot Matt, if you get me a template, I can carve those in your forearms for ink...and laser won't take it off...

tattoos the wonderfull addictive thing that they are lol... i have 4 my self... a dragon on the left arm a tiger on the right and the kanji for strength and courage on my right... and yes i did my research on them before i had some jackass tattoo them... of course i should have picked a different artist for the kanji :mad: that dumb *** was tired and still felt like doing mine only not switching from a 3 needle to a 6 needle... needless to say i had the entire thing done with a 3 needle and it sucked... talk about some damn torture... and he screwed up the shading... if your ever in nashville and want to get work done never go to fantasy tattoo... however on a lighter note my dragon and tiger are incredible the artist mario is ver talented... my dragon is grey scale the tiger is full color... the dragon was 45 min and the tiger was 2.5 hours... all in one setting... as far as what it feels like... yes the sunburn analogy is true... and yes anywhere near a bone hurts more... and yes outlineing hurts more cause the ink is set deeper in the skin... oh well ill stop rambling now
no martial arts ones, I do have a sword with a banner that says death before dishonor (from my USMC days) on my arm
I have 4 right now and am planning my 5th. I havce a dragon on my right shoulder, a tattoo based off of my instructor's patch, the old kanji fir karate (china hand) on my left forearm and new (empty hand) on my right.
I have five. I have 'Semper Fi' on my left shoulder, a Serpent wrapped around a Sword on my right shoulder, a Snake fighting a Panther on my left forearm and a Snake fighting a Scorpion on my right forearm, and a Panther-man-type-of-errr-something on the right side of my chest (sorry, kinda hard to explain). :)