Touch Of Death
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  • Your not very friendly are you, some people just sign up to these kind of things for a little help and advice you should try some time, good deed for the day done, maybie you'll feel all warm and fuzzy but thanks for the honesty yeah i feel the same every time i leave the gym with every bone and muscle in my body aching, nice chat, good day :)
    And now it is lost forever? Well you can give me the synopsis at some point and let me know what are you up to and stuff :)
    Oh boy, we need the decorators in this place! Are you just moved in? Oh yes we have just had an upgrade to the Matrix, I remember. So let us see.. I would go for subtle sky blue with eggplant highlights and gold trim, or no.. I got it, fleur de lys print on the walls with metallic spray finish on your woodwork, what do you think? :D Jenna :)
    HI there, so you watched Fraggle Rock. So did I. I love the Doozers. And you know who Fripp and Eno are. I love Fripp's playing. I would put on No Pussyfooting and Here come the Warm Jets and paint for sometimes days. I can see your point.
    Lori M
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