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Today was a good day.
Not that I got things done, but eh....
Allergy shots, nasal sprays refilled, dropped off a present (the neighbor's daughter graduated and will head for college in fall)
I am feeling good.
Maybe tomorrow I can get the relevant things done.
Baby steps, people, baby steps.
ear ache this morning.
the allergy meds work wonders. I noticed how much when I ran out.
Now it will take a few days for the symptoms to go away.
@drop bear my mother-in-law is up in your neck of the woods on holiday. Photos are incredible, looks like bloody paradise
Yeah. It is a very pretty area.

This is where I am at the moment
Biplanes are dogfighting over my house; Torbay Air Show.
deadgum allergies.
sore throat and an ear ache.
And that is WITH nasal sprays, antihistamine and Ibu....
Another retirement at my office, and then there were 2.........and the more the corp takes over.... and the more I am written out of the script... I was out 3 weeks, China and Covid and they had a software issue when I left, I told them how to fix before I left.... they did not listen.... and it is still not working....... users still do not have access to what they need....

another user stopped me and said they had to wait hours for a fix to their issue that they needed ASAP. I know for a fact we could have fixed the issue in minutes before.....

Talking with Mrs Xue.... plan was to retire early 2027. But Mrs Xue has said we need to figure out exactly how much of a difference there is between early 2025, 2026 and 2027. If it is not that much, then why wait.....

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