What is your worst martial arts experience?



What are the worst things that have happened to you in the martial arts? You don't have to name names if you don't want to.
When I was a teen and took TKD back during the mid 80's I had been attending the school for about a year and my mom laid out $1500 for me for a lifetime membership. about 6 mo's later he disappeared, but surfaced again about a year later at another location. So I walked in and started taking classes that lasted for about 3 months and then he disappeared again. After that I had a series of M.A instructors that would close down of course I never joined any lifetime meberships or contracts but it got discouraging to get somewhere in an art only to keep having schools shut down so I quit M.A for a while.
The worst thing that happened to me in martial arts was in a sparring class. My instructor left the class to take a phone call. It was my first sparring class ever, and the second the instructor's office door was closed, the guy just started beating on me. Since it was my first class, I didn't want to seem like a wimp and complain, so I just took it. When I got home, I took off my gi top and went to the fridge to get some water in just my gi pants and sports bra. my mom looked at me and said "my god, what happened?" I looked down at myself and saw nothing but bruises. You couldn't even distinguish between bruises, my chest, stomache and back were all varying shades of purple, green, and black. I have no idea why he was hitting and kicking my back, it's not a legal target, but he did. I dont' mind getting the usual share of bruises from training, but this was way too extreme. I could hardly move my arms because they were so bruised, my legs and shins were bruised, and even three weeks later, you could still see it.

My mother swore that day that I was never setting foot in a karate school again. She stopped paying for it. I was fourteen or fifteen, and had to pay for it myself out of my babysitting money, and its damn difficult to come up with $65 a month babysitting. I did it, though. In retrospect, I should've told my instructor that I was footing the bill myself. He probably would have given me a break, but heck, I was a kid, I didn't know any better. I obviously continued with martial arts, however, it took me FIVE YEARS to ever set foot in a sparring class again, and even now I'll only spar with certain people or in a tournament where I know the judges will break things if they get out of control.

By the way, the green belt who beat on me was kicked out of the studio for an unrelated incident, but was let back in later and got his black belt.

There's my martial arts nightmare. Anyone else care to share?
I was a blue belt sparring a black belt,that loved to spar,no other way than hard!but anyway i tried to do a spinning side thrust but my spin was to slow,so for where i was lacking he through thrust kick right in my tailbone,to this day I have had my bell rang, ribs cracked,your usual injuries but that one kick will never leave my mind that was the most pain i've ever been in,painful to sit for more than two weeks,ouch! it hurts thinking about it.there my worst experience.thanks

My worst experiences would all have to be injuries substance in class. 1st was getting hip thrown at my 2nd Black belt test, and trying to bridge fall out of it. Landed on my knee wrong and miss getting to do the rest of the test. This was in the first 30 minutes of the test. 2nd was doing a demo with bo's. Was working on fighting combinations when one of my students thrusted it into my eye. He froze and I yelled at him to finish the combination. I still have a floater in my eye still. That was probably 5 years ago. The last thing was working on knife disarms with the knife held against your neck. Tried disarming the wooden knife and about disarm one of my teeth from my mouth(chip tooth). Had to go around a week with this chip tooth. I hated that.
Bob :asian:
Was'nt my experience but a friend of mine, when sparring he got kick so hard that he crapped his pants while on the matt we all felt bad for him. What a trooper though he came back for the next tournament.
I'd have to say when I injured my knee while grappling. I was working with someone who was not exercising their control very well, and I came very close to tearing my ACL. Needless to say, I was unable to train for a while. I've had some good bumps and bruises, but they didn't put me out of training.

terryl965 said:
he got kick so hard that he crapped his pants on the mat
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I am sorry. I do no want to seem cruel, but that is one of the funniest things I've ever heard!!!


Henderson said:
I am sorry. I do no want to seem cruel, but that is one of the funniest things I've ever heard!!!

Um, gee, why would that seem cruel?

I had only been studying jujitsu for about a year when I made a grievous error. I was grappling with a newer student (about 4 month's experience) and went for a standing armbar.

He wasn't on good footing and was on his way to the ground, face first. We were moving at half speed and all seemed okay. I was simply flowing with his body motion and momentum, going for approximately the same arm bar once we hit the mat.

However, not being used to the feeling of the lock nor adept at manuevering while in motion, he tried to turn his body away from the lock. This could easily happen on the street as well because it is the natural reaction. Here though, the results were disastrous.

I heard the pop as his shoulder was dislocated as his body rolled away from his arm. He screamed and I released at the feeling of the sudden change in tension but it was too late.

He was in horrible pain and I, already a black belt with 10 years in karate, felt like the lowest sort of scum. It was an accident and he wasn't angry. Accidents happen.

But it illustrates how quickly and easily such injury can occur with a solid lock. ... Guess it's better than making some poor guy crap himself though(?)
I don't have that much experience to draw upon; but, I've had one memorable injury.

I'd been in TKD for about 3 months and we were sparring. The studio's evil black belt and I were going at it and I was barely holding my own (meaning about a 5:1 ratio of landed hits...he had the 5). I had advanced and was backing up and he did a back kick straight into my cup. To that point, I had been under the impression that the cup was going to protect me...I was a bit wrong. I was down for a good 5 minutes trying to start breathing again. The black was mildly apologetic. I did, however, begin defending that area with a high priority; so, I guess I learned something.
Why is it that every studio seems to have an "evil" black belt? There's always someone who's been seduced by The Dark Side.

These must be the same evil souls that tell unsuspecting beginners that a groin cup protects them from having their gonads used for the 40 yard punt.
The worst moments for me are when I hurt someone. Of course it is never intentional, but stuff happens.

I always feel horrible and guilty after, even if purely accidental.
Seriously though...I've been fortunate enough to have never hurt a training partner. I have had my wrist broken by one. More annoying than painful.
Navarre, being the senior student, we are the ones responsible for controlling the action. When we fail to do so, right or wrong, we do take it personally.

Only about 3 weeks ago, I was sparring with a red belt in a practice no-contact match. Because he was an advanced student, we were moving at full pace with the kicks coming in full power and speed, stopping within an inch or so of the target. He threw a kick, I countered with a mid section roundhouse that he tried to block with his fist. Because my foot was still about 6" from his body, it was still at full power when he contacted it. His wrist folded like a cheap suit as he fell on the floor screaming. I thought he was okay because after a minute or two, he came back in for a few more matches. Turns out his wrist was fractured in 2 places. Worse still, he was black belt testing that Saturday. Accidents happen, but to say I felt bad would be a huge understatement.

He tested anyway. Acted like he wasn't even wearing a cast. One tough dude.

Unfortunately, I think my worst story is still yet to come....
Having my school close after only a year of training when I was eight years old and not getting back into martial arts again for twenty years! I so wish I'd been doing this all those years!
My worst experience was (I've mentioned it elsewhere) was testing for what I thought was an ITF 2nd Dan only to find out years later that my instructor had no ties to the ITF & that our certificates were bogus!
hm. I've been in it a year, so I am sure there is worse to come.

I was sparring one of the instructors sons, it was his first sparring class. He had just had a little league game and had gotten hit in the eye with a ball. He was developing a nice black eye. (the kid's like 12 or 13). Our match is almost over, and I wheel kick to his head right as he tried to do a spinning move and moved his head. It would have landed on his headgear, but I got him right in the already 1/2 black eye.
Sam, Sam, Sam...You're so clever. You make it sound like it really was an accident. lol