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  • Hi terry Am so happy to be here please can you send me a windows media player enabled video of basic Martial Art techniques. The ones I have cant play on my computer
    Hello. I trained for 3 years and was 2 gup before stopping training about 2 year ago. I have a husband (2dan), son (2nd poom) and 2 daughters (1st poom) who still train and compete, which are my reasons for joining the boards. I'm not sure why my name would confuse you, it is simply my initials and tkd?
    Hi Terry, Happy New Year!

    Sorry to learn you were laid off-here in Detroit, that is a pretty frequent occurrence. I sure hope 2010 brings a better economy.

    No problem, whenever you get it to me, I'll get right on it!

    Things are okay here at my office, I am losing another attorney (when I got here in 5/05, I managed 6 attorneys, 6 secretaries....at the end of this month, I'll be losing another attorney which puts me at 3 attorneys and 3 secretaries....when everyone gets back to work, I hope they buy American cars!!! :)

    Take care my friend!

    Enjoying our conversations on the boards......don't always agree, but at least you are honest and easy to exchange conversations with.
    Thanks, Respectfully........
    hey terry im new hear, i whould like to be apart of your group of korean arts how whould i do that
    Good morning Terry,

    Yes, we're on the same page. Will USTC folks actually answer those questions? Remains to be seen. If so, it should be interesting.

    It's been tough for me to choose not so much because of deciding on a style but also being weary about my health problem. Do you use msn or yahoo messenger by any chance? Your background is extremely impressive by the way.Do you currently teach the karate? Also what style/s of Karate and TKD organization do you train?
    Want a LaraBar? I have too many! I've been hearing rave reviews about these things lately and how they "taste just like cherry pie!" or whatever dessert their name says they are. And of course, I went online and had to buy some, and when I say some I mean a giant box. So far I've tried cashew cookie, apple pie and cherry pie.

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