Video talking about the hyperextension that can occur with the oblique kick


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Aug 3, 2015
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When you see me sparing you will always see me aim this kick at the shins. The reason why is because I can't predict with 100% certainty that my opponent will move in such a way that would minimize the effects of an oblique kick. Last year I posted a video of an accident sweep where my opponent decided to come in with a hope. My original intention was to sweep the front leg right before it rooted. However, my sparring partner jumped and I ended up sweeping his landing leg. Had I known he was going to do this then I would chosen to not sweep the only leg he had to land on. Oblique kicks and dangerous techniques in general are like that. I wouldn't train an eye poke, because my opponent may move in faster than I anticipated which shortens my expected distance of contact.

I don't want to do that to my sparring partner, as an ex-instructor of a school. I definitely don't want to get sued because I injured someone to that extent. Which brings up the the video about hyper extended knees. We rarely hear about the injury that techniques cause.

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