The Last Person Thread - 2.0

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Man, I missed the whole tgif thing and now it's time for bed. Catch you on the morning side.........
Good Morning LPT Devotees. Had a great vacation in Vegas. Saw a show and didnt do too bad at the tables. Had breakfast with Brian VanCise , visited the Pawn Stars shop. You were correct Brian, it looks bigger and cleaner on TV. Plus I celebrated my birthday my getting some new ink..Next time I visit I hope Brian has a school up and running.

I can let the wife play the slots and I'll train...
Did you guys hear about the grumpy desk jockey? He was in the elevator one afternoon, fighting off a post lunch blah when one of the perky interns jumps on. She turns to him and says, "T-G-I-F!"

"S-H-I-T," he replied, with a grumble and a sneer.

Taken aback, she decided to press on, "No. TGIF. Thank Goodness It's Friday!"

"Sorry, Honey. It's Thursday."
Good Morning all LPT devotees.

The only thing I miss about my old full time cop job was the ability to log on here and post for 8 hrs.
Good morning Drac and to everyone else in the LPT

Damn I'm getting old; I have not been on the exercise bike for a couple weeks because my right hip has been bothering me. I was finally able to get back on last night and I did 20 minutes at an average of about 16mph... and today...if I sit for too long...I can barely walk when I get up.... I guess this is what happens when your 25....for the second time :D
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