Private Forums - Everyone Please Vote

Should Martialtalk allow private forums for schools/organizations?

  • Yes

  • No

  • No Opinion.

Results are only viewable after voting.
I changed the topic name a hair, and extended it 1 more day. Voting ends midnight EST November 1st, 2001.

Thanks to everyone who has voted. I apreciate the feedback.

Nekid tai chi? with Gou? Aw, comon guys, my eyes hurt enough as is..... :D

Basically, Cthulhu has it right on the description. I've had some inquiries, want some feedback. After all, we're a community here. :)
Sure sure, you all complain now but after you see the chicks I'll bring in and the Kama Sutra cross training you'll all want to join my class.

That's right kids...who's the man? Me. Ya know why? 'Cause I'm all killer and no filler!
I'm not gonna comment...nope...nat at all.....this is evil pictures in head...ow ow ow ow
You'll never be the same. It's kinda like Lady Macbeth trying to wash out the blood. "Out, OUT damn spot!"
ok, results are in.... 2 Yes, 6 No, 3 dont care, and a whole bunch no comment either way. heh

At this point in time, I'll back burner the idea (its a PITA to set up n run....) but maybe down the line we'll look at it again. :)

Danke all. :)

I still think I can convince the Renegade:erg: to let me start a "Nekkid Tai Chi/Kama Sutra" class at his school.
:rolleyes: :eek: :uhoh: :erg: :lol:

you scarin me......:rofl:
No I don't think you should.

I think it would cause a lot of members to disappear from many of the interesting discussions.

Please keep things the way they are.
Our current plan is to keep the forums public. I've turned down a request or 2 for a paid private area to keep things as open as we can.

So far, I think its worked good. :)
Leave the forums open, we can email, and private message people if we don't want everybody reading it.
Dat class ain't gonna be so purty. (You can tell by the description.)
Of course they should. There are many private forums out there. If not here, then people will go elsewhere...... so whats the problem with having private forums?


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