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Aug 4, 2001
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I've received several inquiries about the WMAA banner on the FMA forum area, and wanted to try and answer them here, to try and cover all the bases.

As you know, this site is growing in both postings and membership. It is also growing in bandwidth, plus does have hosting and a few other reacurring fees attached.

I am accepting a -Limited- number of sponsors for various forums to offset the maintanence costs. I don't want to clutter things up with too many graphics (makes things too noisy, and slows down the page loading). If you are interested in sponsoring a forum, please contact me for more details.

Forum sponsors excersize no content control. They get either a text link or a banner ad with a link to their homepage. Any sponsors must be in the MA industry, and have a good reputation.

At this time, I am the sole moderator of the forums here. I will shortly be contacting a few individuals about the possibility of helping out on a limited basis. Moderators -must- be as neutral as possible.

I am open to suggestions from our members on new forum ideas that would add to the mix here.

For organizations looking for a low-cost private discussion area, we can set those up too. Interested parties please contact me for details and rates.

So to answer the couple of folks who asked - No, the WMAA does not have any say on the content of the FMA forum. They just help pay the hosting bill. :)

Any questions, ask away.

AS for the WMAA logo, it's only renegades group so who cares. Just playing, even though I know they don't play well with others.:p
Well.....their checks clear. :) Helps pay for the server space.
Good point.:) I wonder if that is his last bastion of credability.:p Of source i'm just playing.
Never turn your back on the Renegade! Mostly because he'll eat your sandwhich before you even know it.

Heh heh heh

I suppose if one wants to know the costs of advertising and want to do so they should just contact you?

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