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Aug 4, 2001
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Just a heads up.

New Feature - You can now add your events to the board calendar in addition to posting them on the various forums.

New Feature - We are now experimenting with the idea of group specific private forums. Basic idea is, you get an area thats private for your organization, be it a school or international federation. If it works out ok, I'll probably add them to the list of "extras".

New Forum Ideas - I've recieved a few suggestions on 2 additional forums to add -
1 Firearms
2 Pressure Points and Nerve Strikes
Member opinions?

Sponsorships - If you're interested, let me know. Rates are -real- good, and lets be honest, for the price of a private lesson or 2 a year, you get a years worth of exposure. How can ya go wrong? :)

Moderators needed. - we are growing real fast. I'm looking for 1 or 2 vol. mods to help out on keeping the forum friendly. Basically, you must be neutral when moderating, and comfortable with the basic board functions.

Smilies - I'll be adding in a few more sometime soon. Got a couple martial arts ones, a few 'cool' ones, and a few I just like.

Otherwise, not much new. We are over the 800 posts level, and I expect over 70 members real soon now. :) Any suggestions, ideas, etc, let me know as I'm open to ideas.

Once again, thanks everyone for making this forum a success. :D :cool: :D
Firearms forums:

May be a good idea.

Pressure points forums:

Not too sure about this. There was that one big thread about them and that was about it.

I don't know if I like the 'private' forums. To me, it would take away the openess that we currently enjoy here. If somebody, for whatever reason, wants to discuss some style or system stuff privately, the forum does offer messaging features. Don't like the idea. Nope. Not one bit.

I have to agree. Private forums would be a waste. Use e-mail.
To me, the greatest value of these forums is the openess and sharing of information that occurs between the members. Having private forums will greatly hamper this.

Don't do it, Kaith! Please! Don't do it!!!


Ok, to help decide the Private forum issue, I stuck a poll up. It runs thru the end of October, and I'd like as many folks as possible to go there, vote and put in their 2 cents. (Even you folks up there who already said no. Please go vote on the poll).

We are a community here, so your feedback and opinions matter. Especially on the big changes. :)

Ok, new smilies are here. I added 14 new ones, and upgraded 1 old one. I've got almost 200 on another forum I run Feel free to pop over there n take a look at em. Any there you want to see here, shoot me a PM and let me know. :asian:

I'm aiming for a few 'fun' ones, and some regular ones here. Not gonna go nuts, but give ya a few more options....and I see a few folks already found the new toys. :karate:

Need a sword dualing one....maybe another zapper. Maybe spice up the "standard" ones a bit...?? But not too many more in any case...I think a few key ones, is better than a billion no one uses.