I'm curious. Why do people study more than Martial Art.

I have two children training with me whose dad is an American Army officer on an exchange tour here, when it's time for them to go back to the States, may I give you a shout to see where they can train? They are doing TSD and Judo at the moment. All our children move on so we try to prepare them by giving them a taste of other styles as well as dojo/dojang customs they may come across.

Please feel free. If I know anything about the area they are heading to I'll be glad to point them towards a good school. If I can't I'll try to find someone who can.

I have trained with Dave in the past, he is great! I used to train at Impact Karate, not sure if you've ever had the opportunity to train w/ Joe Cooper when he's been down there, but he was our head instructor.

I know the name, but I left the Springs in 2004 so its been a bit. That whole area has a lot of good Kenpo schools. Barry Benedict from Ft. Collins is outstanding as well. Dave moves really well for a guy his size.

The best scientists have studied many scientific disciplines.

The best lawyers have studied law across all fronts.

The best firemen train for all types of fires.

The best shooters fire more than just one type of gun.

The best video gamers play more than just one game system.

That list can go on... A narrow focus gives limited results. An open mind and a broad education gives depth and understanding.
I think in oder to find the right style, one needs to try out any and all systems that interest him to see which will meet one's goals the best.

Once you find your ideal teacher, i think you should stick with him.

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