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  • I see you are dan in Isshin Ryu. I study Sanchin Ryu. We are sister styles. My Chief Grand Master, Robert Dearman studied under a disciple of Tatsuo Shimabuku. One of my students also studied Isshin Ryu. I attended his class. I really enjoyed it. After I watched his class, we both showed each other our forms of Nai Hatchi.
    I'll ask. Daito ryu has techniques from sumo, jujutsu, aikijutsu, aikijujutsu. It also has kenjutsu but kondo sensei does not really
    Teach it as daito ryu curriculum is huge. I think takeda in stanley penn book spoke
    Abound the principles of daito ryu. But I'll ask.
    Congratulations Lee!!! Shugyo was fantastic - I had a great time, and so did my daughter (Ally). We are looking forward to more training with you and the others at the dojo. We are so glad we stayed to watch your test!

    - Roger Smith
    Hi Lee,

    The first ones would be the ones I posted... honestly, it can get rather confusing at the best of times!
    Congrats on the sandan! I'll have to go hunting for your videos. Life here has been busy! But can't complain. I have a job and I have students. Looking at taking iaido later this year at a local dojo.

    I was curious as to whether you still train in Jizaikan Aiki-Ninjutsu. I ran across a thread where you talked about training in it. I'd like to ask a couple questions, if I may.

    You just seemed to have an interesting combo of styles. I live about an hour north of columbus ohio.
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