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  • Hello Shanna,

    I am sorry for your loss. And a double loss at that. It must be very difficult for your husband to lose his mom. Thank Heaven for kids! They can make times of loss easier to take.

    So far spring has been wonderful, so I'll bet your garden will do well!

    Been doing pretty good. Had to go to a funeral myself over the weekend (a second cousin), but the weather was good and the turnout was exceptional. She was definitely loved very much and lived a long and fulfilling life.

    Otherwise, just working and running around crazy!

    Good morning Shana,

    Hope all is well for you! How are you liking spring so far? We had June like weather until this week. Now it is more like April.

    Hello Shana,
    I hope that you are feeling better! Kick that flu hard!

    Not a whole lot of new at my end; I am just chugging along so to speak. My kids keep me busy, but it is a good busy.

    Thank you for asking!

    So good to hear from you!!! how ARE you doing? (life good, baby walking and cutting teeth...but please update on you...and I promise to send you some pics) Giddy with hearing your lovely voice again!
    Only wanted to say thank you Shana and hope all is good with you and your lovely family. Love and hugs, Jenna xo :)
    Oh goodness, you do not mail me on your vacation away, tsk! That is proper family time, yes? :) And but please please let me hear all what is what when you get back and I will look forward to it :) Aww I can picture your little munchkin scuttling like a little Captain Ahab (and every bit as big hearted, strong and stubborn I bet!!) Oh boy you are gonna SO have a handful when she is older, haha :) Yes I can picture Karen the elder as a hugely independent girl and good for her too. And I am so proud of you for giving her such a loving and caring and beautiful home. I want to give you a big hug and remind you of how great you are :) And but instead I will just wish you a super special weekend brimful of future memories (and strawberry shortcake :)) You take care, yes? All my wishes, Jenna :)
    Hey Shana :) Lovely way with words? Haha, now you must be thinking of somebody altogether different :) Awww I can tell you are a happy mommy, I knew everything would be so great for you and little pirate cheeks and yes you will have to enlighten me on the reasons for that :) Awww sloppy baby kisses, see now I am feeling all yearning.. and going to the aquarium will be a full on sensory experience that is certain and but if she is as gifted as her mother then I bet she needs stimulation all the time! :) I hope you get lots of pics and videos to keep for when she is bigger :) You are going to have such a fun time away I know. I am all envious of you (and but only in a good way I mean :)) For what it is worth I just want to send my love to you all. You know I so miss hearing from you and but just if you ever get a little mo do let me know all your stuff, yes? :) Love and light, hugs and wishes, Jenna :)
    Hello S :) I hope all is going good with you? Take care, and all my wishes love and hugs for you and everybody, Jenna :)
    Thank you very much. I'am in a battle believe me, I love food, and sometimes I eat because stress, I'm triying to live a healthy life and have to loose weight, it's gona be dificult but need to do something, I'm only 41 years old but want to improve health and looks too.
    Which one? The brown & white dog is mine and her name is Elanor. The black and white ones belong to my parents and their names are Jamie (brother) and Jasmine (sister). All three dogs are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. :)
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