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  • Hey Mark, do you know of any BJJ/MMA type gyms at Fort Irwin, CA or Fort Polk, LA, those are my next two likely duty stations.
    Thanks for the advice, Mark. As for the FT Stewart line I've found a BJJ type school, Coastal Combatives, which is a little under an hour away from that post. I don't know where I'll be posted yet.
    Well, got the results of my interservice transfer request, looks like I'm gonna be a future 21A. Know any good MMA/BJJ/MT type training camps near either FT Stewart, GA or FT Carson, CO?
    Thanks for posting this.

    Return safe, brother.


    Saw that quote from your reply to my post, and I must say the same to you, especially if you're one of those outside the wire types. I'm more a fobbit by the nature of my job.

    I had to drop a line and say...I TOTALLY have one of those Karate Smurfs you have as your Avatar!!
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