How old where you when you started?



I was just wonderin' how old each of you where when you started practicing martial arts. Ive bin training for about a year and im just about 16.

I kinda htought all the greatest martial artist started when they were real young like around 5. So when I joined i figured it was a little late for me to be a great martial artist but im still gonna do it ;).
I started when I was 19, I am now 25. Wish I had of started when I was your age or younger.


I started in MA when i was 25, im now 27.... lots of years left in me to train.. and besides.. isn't MA a life study??????
started at age 15. i'm now 30. i stopped once or twice during my highschool years but looking back now i wish i never did.
I started when I was 15 and am now 32. Took a couple years off in my 20's and really don't regret it. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I had come from and where I wanted to go. It also brought forth an art change and 6 years later I wouldn't change a thing.
I've found that I'm only getting faster and stronger as each year passes, so for you guys that are younger than me, don't worry about what age you started at. You have plenty of good years ahead of you to perfect your material and master yourself.

Just like yourselves I started at 25 and only recently turned 28!!

Never too late to start though I think...definately has to be a life study!
I didn't come to MA until late in life. I started 18 months ago when I was 44. Its really boosted my fitness and flexibility. But I wish I'd had the opportunity to start in my teens.
I actually "started" in the martial arts when I was 17-18. However, I only took karate for a couple of months (through a college course). After that, I figured I wasn't ready.

I got into it seriously about 10 years ago, when I was 24. I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday in a little over a month.

Do I wish that I got started earlier? Maybe. I don't think that I (personally) was ready at 17 for the knowledge that I was getting. I think that it served me better in my 20s, when I had "cooked" a bit, and was ready to actually *learn*. Some people can handle the MA earlier; I just don't think I was one of them. But, as the saying goes: "When the student is ready, the master appears", no?

Started when in 1985 or 6 when I was about 16-17...

I am 33 now (34 in November), and I still don't know a damn thing...

Maybe by the time I die I will actually make some progress...


I was 24 when I started and am 25 now. I wish I had gone so much earlier... but at least I am in it now
I started when I was 21 and now I'm 27. Got a long way to go but loving every minute of it.
I started in the fall last year, before my birthday, so I was 27. I'm 28 now and have been practicing for, hmm, almost 11 months I guess. When classes start up in the fall semester again, I'll reach the 1 year mark. One of the latest starters and among the least amount of time in training, too. :) Wow, I am *such* a newbie. ;)
Started at 15, am now 32. Have recently lost the motovation to train due to moving away from my school. I'm sure the desire will come back but right now it's got me wondering.....

Hey Deathtrap, I started a thread and poll just like this some months back. Great minds think alike. :D

I started Aikido when I was 18. I'm 20 now.

My mom started Aikido with me when she was 50!!!! :erg: She's 52 now.

Robyn :wavey:

I started at 18. I attended a military college, and there I had some of exposure to hand to hand combat and self defense. Then i took it one step further and began training at a local dojo off campus. We wernt taught alot at military school, just some basic defense, but it was enough to spark my intrests, and motivate me to begin training seriously. Wow, now that i think about, ill be 27 next week, time flies. I havent stopped training for more that 2 months at a time since then.
Hey Deathtrap, I started a thread and poll just like this some months back. Great minds think alike.

Yea maybe, lol.

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