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Would it be possible to talk to your former TSD instructor about distance learning? Maybe he can break the required forms and techniques down for you on video (since I'm assuming you have much of the basics from your TSD ranking) and then you could periodically visit your TSD school in NY for testing/feedback.

I know if I was that instructor, I'd be flattered that a student of mine was that willing to continue their training with me.

Wouldn't hurt to ask :D

I understand what you guys are saying. I just don't agree. That's my opinion and my problem. My wife earned her masters degree completely over the internet. But not all her graduate work was done by distance learning. There were several occasions that she had to actually go to class and sit in on discussions. She also had to have 300 hours of actual experience, i.e. internship. She actually had to work with somebody in her field who is already an expert. I am a school teacher and constantly have to keep continuing my education. I too do this via internet classes. Yet, I too have to go sit with my professor on several occasions in an actual class room. That way he can tell me what I'm not getting correctly. I know all about the distance learning. It is not the same. Memorizing and learning things you read is nothing like learning a technique.

Fine, advocate distance learning. But they at least better log hours IN YOUR CLASS.

Ami Tou Fou!

And what does this mean? Your not calling me a Dumb @$$ are you?

I really don't care if the guy founded a system with a million people, the numbers don't mean the systems a good one. I really don't know the guy or his system. I just said I don't believe what he said about sparring and kata. I don't agree with them and I think they are uneducated statements. Sorry.
Turner, I think I understand. I too have seen people make real contributions to teh arts when young and idealistic and then be lured away by interest in money or fame. (You didn't say this exactly in your well-nuanced post but that's the chord it struck in me.) That's a very mature view of Mr. Hutchison; it's too easy to, as some have done, label him only by what they see now on the site.
One more thing. Would you hire a lawyer or have surgery by a doctor who got his training completely online? Oh wait, I go to a dentist who got his certificate out of a cracker-jack box. Sorry my bad.

<<<<Would it be possible to talk to your former TSD instructor about distance learning? Maybe he can break the required forms and techniques down for you on video (since I'm assuming you have much of the basics from your TSD ranking) and then you could periodically visit your TSD school in NY for testing/feedback.>>>>

I did ask him, but he didn't go for it :( I do have the videos from the IMA (my former assn). I guess I could still study TSD with the videos. But if I had a question, I'd be screwed without someone to ask. I wouldn't ask my TKD instructor about TSD lol.
Originally posted by Turner
Some Questions if youre taking a distance learning program...

Answers as they pertain to the International Kenpo Karate Organization........

Q: For distance learning programs, how is rank usually obtained?

A: By testing thru Video Cam Web connect.

Q: What do I do if I need help with my technique or have a question about a principle?

A: Several means....... E-mail, Instant Messenger, video tape or live Web Cam lesson.

Q: Is it easier to cheat in distance learning courses?

A: Not in the IKKO..... Testing is done live via web cam and either Net meeting or phone as video is being watched live.

Q: How do I know how I'm doing in a distance learning course?

A: Is your instructor in the same room with you live or in another city or state or country? If he/she is not present live.... then you are doing a L/D Program!

Q. What are other benefits and draw backs that you see?

A. The Benefits are that you can get quality instruction when there is not a studio near you with the material that you wish to study.
Drawbacks..... it is never easy or a proper training environment with out live instruction and a good group around you. The synergy is just not there. Better than no training at all!!

Ty K. Doe said:
I've had a similar discussion on another forum. I'm not sure if I agree with distance learning. What are some possible motives for it?
Well let me try and answer that. I recently moved to an area where there are no schools or instructors or clubs teaching any form of Martial Arts. I am interested in continuing my limited but cherised experiences in the martial arts. In order for me to do that, I can continue to practice what I have learned in the past and be happy with that and never progress, or I can enroll in a distacne learning course to further my knowledge and if its important to me at a later time, earn rank. (Currently I am not enrolled in any course). I am interested in the distance thing because I dont want to keep practicing what I have already learned and be happy with that. I will practice what I know and I will always hunger for more. I just can't decide which would be best....
Rest assured I will utilize whatever feedback is available from the course instructor to get as much as i can from the course.... :asian:
This is a quote from my site:
The tapes are a "resourceful guiding tool" that will enable a student to learn the basics and prepare a them for one-on-one or group training with an AKJA instructor where they can be corrected as needed and fine tune their technique.

Heres some info. from my site:
We are currently accepting new students from Santa Clara, Alameda, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, and parts of Stanislaus, Solano and Sacramento Counties.

For a limited time we've lowered our rates to $40 a month for 2 days a week and $55 a month for 2 days a week plus bonus "scheduled" classes which can be private or group instruction. These prices are effective immediately and are guaranteed for the rest of the year.

The bonus instruction is based on schedule availability and we feel our rates are priced very economical compared to the going rates of $75 to $100 a month for class instruction and $50 to $100 an hour for private classes.

If any student is paying more or less than these new rates they will automatically be adjusted to the new rate.

All academy memberships are on a month-to-month basis. No contracts or account set up fees ever.

And this is my training environment:

The distant teaching for me is a way to "recruit" possible future intructors from nearby counties. I go to them! I don't charge much so it makes logical sense to build something for the future. All of my students are welcomed by my instructors too.

So distant learning can be abused but it does not mean that it will be abused.