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  • I hope my post was helpful.

    For what it's worth, if you want to call Sensei Green and mention the name Durden, I'm sure he'll "claim" me . . . in some shape, form, or fashion! LOL!

    For what it's worth, and this can be just for trivia, Sensei Green IS, to some degree, associated with Al Dacascos, I believe. I remember the name mentioned, and I remember seeing a picture or two of Green and Dacascos together training in dark colored belts. I'm assuming they were black belts of some enhanced degree, but the picture was 60's to early-70's vintage, and the color wasn't good. The DETAIL was.

    Sensei Green also had lots of pictures with the Tracy's and Ed Parker, as well. There were a few of him and "Joe", too. Basically, there was enough there plus the years I trained with him to tell me he is "authentic" for lack of better words. Kaj was never mentioned to me other than in passing as an excellent art worth, as some of us in Kenpo say respectfully, "worth stealing from". I hope you understand me there. :)

    Green is lots of things, but a fake as an instructor, he's not. He knows enough not to have to resort to faking knowledge, although, honestly, if you're going to fake something, Kaj is an excellent system to claim. :)

    I'm not training with Green now for various reasons other than lack of his knowledge. I am currently involved in Southeastern Kenpo who are directly out of the BHA3 guys. It's good stuff.

    Good luck with your training, and I hope that this clears up anything about Green. I have, shall we say, mixed loyalties to the man and the system I trained under. I'm sure you understand.
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