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  • Hi HK, good to meet you. I don't know Sifu Love, but I do know that Green Dragon has been around for decades. If he has studied that particular Green Dragon then he is more'n likely the real thing. The Green Dragon I speak of is out of Ohio, has an awesome list of training videos. Why do you ask? And, if I could ask you a question...what does it mean when people are friends on Martial Talk. My ignorance is a sin, I know, but if you could direct me to a quick page that wold explain things I would love it. Have a great year, and a wonderful work out every day of that year. Al
    The weather wasn't great and the kids were sick so we stayed home. That was ok though. big weekend plans?
    I am getting buried in snow out here! I enjoy reading your posts. Nice to "meet" you and have a great holiday!!
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