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Man is this forum quiet! I take it that there are not many Wing Chun people on this forum? Oh well, you get what you get I suppose.

I just bought the Blitz Instructors Fighting Techniques magazine and it is excellent. Lots of Wing Chun...from the likes of GM Jim Fung, Dana Wong, Alfredo del Brocco, Rick Spain, GM William Cheung and many more. I haven't even looked at the other styles represented yet. I think of the nine or so Kung Fu representatives all but two are Wing Chun. Good to see!

After a month's break from WC I'm due to go back next month plus I've finally gotten enough cash to go back to the gym. I can't wait to get back to training again! I practise SLT in front of the mirror three times a day, and twice with the Jim Fung SLT video, but I'm really looking forward to actually getting back into it again and doing something other than SLT!

Rambling over...just thought that the Wing Chun forum could do with a post every other week. Anyone else enthusiastic enough about their training to talk about it?


the mag sounds cool I wish we had a decent WC magazine here. And I'm more than enthusiastic about my training. I've posted a few topics here but the board seems to have taken over by kenpoist's:p How long have you been training? I practice my SLT daily also I also train it on one leg. I'm finally getting to CK and some sticky hands training...wooohooo!!!!! I can't get enough.
I wouldn't mind getting into a few good discussions on WC myself. I've got a little taste of it a while back and wish I could find an instructor locally to really train with.

Sadly, I can't do much to contribute at the moment. :(
I am by no means the expert but I will contribute what I can.
I've only trained for a short while...on and off for about six months. But in those six months I've done about 40 hours a week so I've seen enough to know that what I'm learning is really good. I don't know if my lineage does single legged SLT, I'll have to chat to my instructor. I haven't seen anyone do it but that doesn't mean that they don't! I'm a fair way off CK just yet but I have started to learn single hand Chi Sao and it is pretty cool. My brother in law trains also and we train outside of class quite a bit.

He and I both focus a lot on the 'forward intention' when we practise-even to the point that we can sometimes get the better of some of the longer trained students. I've been finding that a few of them have really good technique but their forward intention is a little weak, which allows us to get through a bit. I am fascinated by the scientific aspects of the art and I am beginning full time training next February. Full time will be great...we learn WC theory and heaps of other stuff. I've had a squiz at some of the WC theory from a senior student who is a friend of mine and it is absolutely fascinating. I was supposed to start full time this last February but I had some cash problems so I've deferred for a year. But next year nothing will stop me!

I hope your situation changes Kaith. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a taste of the good stuff and then losing it. :wah: Here's hoping that a fantastic teacher decides to move in next door!

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