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  • I agree. It is a hard martial art to find. I also trained in Taekwondo. Hapkido is my favorite.
    They are two very different approaches to fighting, and we could spend quite a while comparing and contrasting the two. I can say that when I started WC, my prior TKD and Kenpo training didn't help; it was just too different, and I had to "unlearn" alot of what I already knew about martial arts in order to properly learn things the WC way.
    Years ago my dad taught me that logic and common sense were assets, gifts in fact, not to be squandered. In life these two things are so important to help us decipher life's issues. You seem to have both...... Have a great day. Wes
    Hi Dennis,

    Gloucester is on the coast near Williamsburg and Newport News. If I ever find myself in Norfolk I will look up Master Odom.

    Jon Ferguson
    I'm from Woodbridge Virginia. Where is Glaucester? If you ever get to the Norfolk area, look up Master Bill Odom at Norfolk Martial Arts Academy. He is one of our star graduates and runs an excellent program.
    Dennis Breene
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