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  • Elder999 linked to an old conversation that contained a comment by you. So I thought of you and hope that all is well with you and yours. I certainly miss your comments and insights around here.

    Hey mate, going to Vancouver at the end of March...where was the restaurant you recommended...and any other recommendation of what to do there?

    Thx for the heads up. I am computer lame, so it took a bit to figger out what to do about hers and yours communication on the subject (full mailbox).

    You talkin' to me, Sheldon???? :wink1:

    I'm trying, but it's like... like cleaning up the garage. When was the last time you did that, eh? Eh????!!! :D
    Hi Michael—oops, my bad. Make my apologies, if you'd be so kind... it's not good to have someone named Grendel annoyed with you, *whatever* their gender!
    Haven't checked back here in a while, but I noticed your comment on Zeus and Grendel. I just wanted to clarify: that's PRINCESS Grendel, middle name would be Catherine...
    Hey Exile! I'm also interested in applications of hyung (though mine are from TSD, but they are similar to TKD). I'm hoping to become a professor someday myself. First, though, I have to go to grad school. Anywho, have a great day!
    Just wanted to say "hi!" as it seems I haven't seen you in awhile. I have been a little hit and miss on the boards lately so maybe we have just haven't crossed paths. Hope you are doing well!
    Evening Bob

    Good to make 'contact' :D. I've had more than a little trouble with my mobile so I hope that the text I sent earlier today made it through? Having working mobile comms will be a bonus on Saturday when it comes to ensuring coincidal geographic coordinates :D.
    Not surprising, FC—whether you're a Classical era god or a barbarian monster, you come with a high COOL quotient!

    You should post a picture of Grendel just so he doesn't feel that some other cat gets the attention that should by rights be his... that's how they think (verb used loosely)! :lol:
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