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  • Sounds like you are being kept on your toes!!

    Thanks for posting that lesson plan, all ideas help. I have been trawling through your posts too to get some of your drills.

    There is an asian guy here called Riaz, he trained in HK when he was a kid but not trained for years. i asked him what he remembered and he shrugged and said not much, but it should come back.

    Hoping he will come to class this Thursday, and will probably get my butt handed to me on a plate!!!

    The guy teaching us is keen and is at a good level.

    Will let you know how we progress.


    Still stalking you mate ;-)
    Hows things?
    Finally got a class going here after 12 months of trying. 1 2 hour class per week to start with. Maybe 8 of us who have all trained before.
    How your teaching going?
    Missing your insight on here though.


    Was going to post to see where you were!!!

    Seen your active but just not posted for a bit.


    hi bud. been away from the board a lil while but wanted to check in and say big fanx for the new posts/thoughts and advice you been giving out. its been very very helpful.
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