wing chun

  1. Yuehan

    YKS/SN Mook Yan Jong

    Hi everyone, I'm new around here and decided to start with a quick question. Does anyone have any good source (video or similar) for Yuen Kay San ( Sum Nung) wooden dummy form. I'm fascinated by that lineage and want to learn more about it. I've got a pretty good glimpse of the forms and san sik...
  2. Krattyboy

    Hi, new member into Wing Chun from Essex, UK.

    Greetings Martial talk! I'm completely new here and looking forward to learn and maybe one day contribute to this great site. A little about me, live in Essex in the U.K. I've been practicing Wing Chun Kung fu for around 15 months and my enthusiasm continues to grow. I also practice Ashtanga...
  3. lansao

    Confidentiality & Other Thoughts on Telegraphing

    Hello, I'm curious to learn more about how telegraphing is studied by different Wing Chun lineages. Is confidentiality of movement a priority across the board? If so, in what ways do you incorporate confidentiality into your practice? ~ Alan
  4. lansao

    Healthy Tension & Limits of Relaxation

    In sampling a few arts, I've heard a variety of thoughts on relaxation and would love to get thoughts on this from an MMA perspective. How relaxed is too relaxed? How much tension is too much tension? What complementary muscle groups do you activate/deactivate in different scenarios?
  5. lansao

    Placement of Pak Sao

    Hey all, curious to learn pak sao placement from different lineages. Some questions below: Where on your hand do you make contact? Where on your opponents arm (in fighting range) does your hand stop? What pak sao exercises do you practice? ~ Alan
  6. lansao

    Updating the Wing Chun Library

    Do you practice Wing Chun? If so, what methods from other arts (e.g. BJJ, Systema, FMA, etc.) have you taken from/incorporated into your Wing Chun? How have you adapted those methods to conform to Wing Chun principles? ~ Alan
  7. lansao

    Short-hand notation for Wing Chun

    Hello again, I just created a new thread another subject but I spent the day thinking about these particular topics and wanted to get them all posted as soon as possible (hungry forum fists). In practicing Wing Chun, I've found it useful to take notes on particular transitions between...
  8. lansao

    Do you have a personal Sil Lum Tao?

    Hello all, I learned in my training to treat the Sil Lum Tao as a dictionary of sorts. To use it essentially ensure I "never forget" while also providing a "wet stone" to sharpen hand positions and moving energy through my centerline. That said, in addition to the Sil Lum Tao that I learned...
  9. I

    Join free outdoor Chi Sao session in NYC

    Is anyone interested in free short friendly outdoor Chi Sao session in NYC to get some experience and new connections? It may be weekend or weekday night in Central Park or Bryant Park (any park or pier). Please post your preferences and ideas below. Have a great day! [yt]
  10. TheThirdAncestor

    Looking for advice--considering Cheng-Baguazhang

    Hello everyone! I'm a beginner in Hung Gar and Wing Chun (1 year) and have been looking to see which Chinese martial arts are available in my area and I found a school that teaches Cheng-Style Baguazhang. My question is would it be counterproductive to my current training to pursue Baguazhang...
  11. N

    Lame wing tsun vs wing chun fight

  12. Isaiah90

    Fighting a boxer in Wing Chun

    Just a few thoughts on fighting a boxer. Wing Chun is great with hand strikes but an experienced boxer has more power and speed with his punches. Similar to Wing Chun, the boxer's power comes from the ground in a stable stance. The difference is that the boxer has no defense for his legs. Wing...
  13. D

    6 weeks Free wing chun training, New Cross, London

    Hi, my name is David and I am looking for people to train wing chun with in the New Cross area of London for the next few weeks. I don't want to charge for these sessions, just train. If you would like to train wing chun, please respond to this thread or better yet follow this Gumtree link for...
  14. Tong Chuang

    EMIN BOZTEPE opens up about his tough upbringing

    I came across this insightful video where Emin Boztepe opens up about his tough childhood and shares some of his philosophy on humankind and religion, and how martial arts helped him adapt.
  15. A

    Wing Chun vs MMA

    What is better for self-defense, Wing Chun or MMA? Please no comments about how one martial is not better than another. Thanks.
  16. A

    Wing Chun vs MMA

    Hi everyone. My friend and I have been going back and forth over which is superior for self defense, wing chun or mma. No martial art is truly superior, however he has been relentlessly insulting Wing Chun even though he literally knows nothing about it. He told me it is the "laughing-stock" of...
  17. F

    Cool Wing Chun Magazine

    My friend just published this cool Wing Chun Magazine as an iphone/iPAD/Android App. With grandmaster IP Man's disciple Grand Master Wan Kam Leung on the cover. Also, an interesting article with Wim Hoff - "The ice man". What do you guys think ?
  18. paitingman

    Wing Chun History Book question

    I happened to see a video about a book titled The Creation of Wing Chun: A Social History of the Southern Chinese Martial Arts by Benjamin N. Judkins and Jon Nielson. I was just wondering if anyone had gotten a chance to read the book or had come across any other writings by these two authors...
  19. W

    WingChunKid says hello

    Hello everyone I am a 14 year old boy who does Wing Chun. I haven't even been doing it for that long but I'm really into it. I am the 3rd grade level in my school and I'm going for the 4th in December 2015. Wing Chun is my main activity outside secondary school, and I'm looking forward to...