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    Wing Chun in Bangkok - 亙冽潸健 - 鉊抉葩鉊鉊鉊詮鉆鉊鉊鉊鉊詮鉆鉊鉊

    Hi fellow martial artists, I hope posting this here is alright (mods please delete if not). I have started a private Wing Chun training group in Bangkok since as far as I know there are only 2 official schools and 1 group that trains in one of the parks here in BK, which is not a lot of choice...
  2. P

    Creative ways to prepare for sparring at home

    I am learning Ti Chi Chuan, Wing Chun, and Taekwondo. Currently I do not have money for classes. I found that employing Wing Chun (blocking, palm strikes, grabbing) while tossing a stool around really helps with muscle memory and strength. I have also used a mattress as a punching bag with...
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    Hello Everybody!!

    I am 34 years old, male, and currently learning Ti Chi and learning Wing Chun. I havent taken any classes in person yet, but I firmly believe the cultural, historical, and spiritual aspects of any given martial art is essential in order to recieve the full benifit of its practice. I also have...
  4. H

    4 Tips to Win Street Fighting - Wing Chun Street Fight 2022

    4 Tips to Win Street Fighting - Wing Chun Street Fight 2022 Wing Chun can do both Deference and Attack when Street Fighting
  5. S

    Looking for wing chun students.

    Regards to all. I am looking for someone who would train wing chun via zoom, or advanced students to improve their skills. I have been practicing wing chun for almost 10 years and am not affiliated with any organization. My knowledge of English is basic. Feel free to ask anything you are...
  6. M

    Wing chun sparring gear 2022

    Hi all New poster here. I have strated a new thread on this as the other one is quite old. Anyway, I have been doing wing chun for just over a year and my sifu is suggest I invest in some sparring gear (head guard with face grille, body armour, mits, shin and foot protection) as we will be...
  7. C

    Why do shy socially awkward wimpy loners hero worship Bruce Lee?

    I never understand why you shy wimpy loners(who were bullied as youngsters) glorifiy Bruce Lee. You guys often worship Bruce Lee as some heroic underdog against evil. Well here's the reality. The real Bruce Lee was the complete opposite of a heroic underdog fighting for good and justice. Bruce...
  8. O

    Authenticity of Learning Wing Chun via a Screen

    Hi guys! Just discovered this forum and decided to talk about a thing and what I want to ask you all here. First off, authenticity. Where I live here in South East Asia, specifically in the northern area, there's really no legit Wing Chun teacher, as most practice MMA, Taekwondo and Aikido...
  9. ShortBridge

    Reopening in Seattle

    It's been over a year since we shared our responses to the initial news of the pandemic. I have a small group of adult students and don't do a lot of outreach and promotion. I have been blessed with a steady trickle of interest over the years which has been all that we need to keep going. But...
  10. T

    Research on martial artists

    Hi everyone! I don't know many martial artists, so that's why I'm reaching out to you guys on here. Anyways, I've been doing Wing Chun for the past 2 years and am doing an important psychology research project looking at the relationship between different types of martial arts and self-esteem. I...
  11. R

    Stength & Conditioning for Wing Chun

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering what kind of focus everyone has for improving strength & fitness for Wing Chun (if any). Do people just rely on the practice or do you do anything separate. I know my school does some fitness as part of a class sometimes but mostly it is something people have to do...
  12. N

    Wing Chun Punches

    Since there is a big discussion in other forums, i am posting it... Some claim that the no-straight punches are JKD (just because Bruce Lee was using them). But finally it seems that it is pure Wing Chun... Which means that people are stuck to training principles (useful but short minded)...
  13. M

    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    I'm 25. I have mental illness. I am not in good physical shape but I am physically very strong. Though a lot of that is because I'm big and I'm only in the top fiftieth percentile of my height so I guess I really mean to say I'm a big guy. I was overweight but I have lost a lot of the weight. I...
  14. ed cruz

    Wing Chun Vs Arm Wrestling?

    Can this work? Structure vs muscle? I posted a short preview on Kirin Rise YouTube.
  15. ed cruz

    Back on youtube

    Finally back after working on the book series for the last 4 to 5 years. Kirin Rise University on YouTube will be updating on a regular basis once again. Tons of updates this week.
  16. Ivan

    Would Martial Arts created by women fundamentally be better than those created by men?

    The only martial art I know of that originated from a woman is Wing Chun, according to a documentary by the History Channel I watched a while ago. But I have been thinking during my hiatus from posting here. Would martial arts founded by women be more efficient for their intended purpose due to...
  17. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    I think this guy did and excellent job showcasing his WC techniques while landing strikes and controlling the opponent. What are some things you see. I hate seeing people just stand there stagnate waiting for someone to walk in on them. This was pretty good. What are your thoughts?
  18. D

    The Wing Chun fighting stance explained

    I've heard it theorise that chun was actually inspired by 18th or 19th century boxing. Am I alone in seeing the similarities?
  19. G

    Wing Tzun Lifestyle

    Hello guys. We have a new Youtube Channel called Wing Tzun Lifestyle and we want to show people what we are doing... Our topic is self defense. We are a Teacher and Student . Wing Tzun Lifestyle
  20. O

    Iron Bone

    Hello how do you start the Iron Bone Kung Fu methods?
  21. IGOR_A

    Wing Chun Sparring Partner

    Hello! I'm looking for Wing Chun sparring partner. Just for fun, good time and of course training. I live in South San Francisco. My experience is 10+ years. Write me, if you are interested.
  22. kicka

    MA and shoulder dislocation/subluxation

    The worst part about it: recurrence. So i am amongst those, having my right shoulder semi-dislocated (this means it doesn't dislocate fully and every time i can by myself put it back, and it is not that much painful) once every 2-3-4 months. I live with it the last 2 and a half years. I've...
  23. kicka

    Hello from wing chun

    Hi everyone, feels like it's been ages since last time i've been on an online forum, though it's only been a year or two! So i am new here, after searching and reading various articles around the net only today i realised there are forums too..terrible, but i guess goes together with my attempt...
  24. Signupper

    How do I make sure that I train Wing Chun correctly?

    Hello, I am really new to Wing Chun. I just read, heard and watched stuff about Wing Chun. So because of that, I heard about the 'Wing Chun VS' and 'Wing Chun ineffectiveness' war. And I really don't want to write down all of my thoughts because that would be way too long. To keep it short: I...
  25. C

    New Wing Chun Classes in Bromley and South London!
  26. martialmount

    Ever been to the Yip Man Museum

    Just recently on my visit to china, I make a stop to foshan to pay a visit to the Yip Man memorial hall. Many Wing Chun Practitioners around the world would have like to pay a visit here one day. It has various exhibition material of Ip Man's martial arts teachings and photos, letters written by...
  27. D

    wooden dummy and wing chun at home

    Hi everyone! I'm a relative newbie who took a couple lessons years ago and have just started training at home, not ideal I know but my old teacher has moved away and there's nobody else that teaches wing chun in my city anymore. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions...
  28. Yuen Kay Jun

    Naming your Commercial School?

    Hello, I am considering reopening my commercial kwoon after many years, to spawn off of my private teaching. i wanted to ask my fellow brethren about naming my school, how to name it and what to consider. I teach Wing Chun and will be opening in the Savannah, GA area. There is already one...
  29. J

    Not sure on if this forum is active, but I need to choose between which Art to study

    I've done some research and I've decided I want to study Kenpo or Wing Chun and I need some help deciding, what are your guys/girls opinions? I've never studied a martial art before, but I became interested after hearing about Taekwondo, but soon lost interest and went in search of other martial...