What makes a school a McDojo/McKwoon/McDojang?

Matt Stone

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Dec 4, 2001
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Judo-kid, in his own particular fashion, attempted to define what constituted "McDojo" criteria.

Unfortunately, the thread drifted, was hijacked, and has now mutated into something entirely unrelated...

So how about single sentences describing what you think constitutes a "McDojo?"

And let's keep the innuendo, suggestion and hints at the door... Give your opinion and leave it at that.


A place where someone spends a lot of money to learn very little; and, where the head instructor does not care what you actually learn, as long as you keep current on your payments. McDojo...

Mcdojo- dojo where instructor is a total amature and cons you out of money. (new websters dictionary)
MA school with Sub-Par Teaching ability, A school that does not distinguish it's self from others of it's kind in any form other than having poor instruction and posably a strong commercial intrest.
McDojo - a place where money is more important than training, where the training is sub par, where the instructors do not know the basics, where belts are guarenteed and awarded on schedule.

1. A place where you can get an AWESOME gi and a black belt for $100. Pay $10 and you get fries with it.

2. A place where you learn PRACTICAL AND AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS!!! After all, they claim that their art is the best and can defeat all arts, and does everything from healing you, growing back limbs if you're an amputee, or learn to fly.

McDojos can come in all forms. Traditional combat, philosophical exercise, traditional sport, MMA, sport combat, combat, etc.

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