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  • You are categorically incorrect and self-serving. I didn't "dance" as you stated, what I said politely and directly is it's "None of your business." That doesn't sound like a dance to me. Simple and direct. You may choose to mislabel my response if that makes you feel better, but I stand by my position and perhaps you can understand it now. I don't know you and still find your inquiry, at its best, disingenuous. If you wanted a warmer response, you should have not posted vitriolic comments directed toward me in previous threads on the forum. When you slap me, I don't turn the other cheek, - ever.
    Wrong Doc,
    I have always reached out to other "law enforcement" types. You look to deep, no offence was intended, I like to know what other agencies are teaching their members, I "was" going to inquire about yours. Sorry if you took this as a personal offence.
    Like an attorney you like to dance around a question, bother you again I won't.
    The federal government employs over 188,000 law enforcement personnel in more than 40 different agencies. Although it may be a stretch, I suggest they all probably have never heard of each other, anymore than I have heard of you. To suggest that the reason for your inquiry is because you have "friends in federal law enforcement that have never heard of me" is somewhat disingenuous. The level of vitriol you have already expressed on the net toward me is apparent, but my reasons for not disclosing personal information to you is more benign. SImply, the personal information I am willing to share with others I do not know is already readily available in my profile. Those that need to know, do. Those that have no need, don't. Have a nice day.
    Mr Chapel,
    I have many friends that are in law enforcement on the Federal level. None of them have ever heard of you. Which branch of the Federal service to you work for? Are you a consultant type of special agent?
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