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  • Thanks. Do not let KSD get under your skin. It is what he does to take focus away from himself and turns himself into the victim. I always enjoy your open minded postings. :)
    I would like to know how long you have done kendo and do you compete and where you learned it
    No, I studied them back in NY. I practiced HDGD for about a year as an introductory thing. I really enjoyed it, but lost my instruction. Kendo followed and was more for recreation than progression. I played for about 6 years. Vegas offers neither, so I'm limited to my fundamental work. Always a big fan of both though.
    Thanks! Always look forward to your posts. You're one of the few with a similar background of open hand and sword, so I appreciate your pov's.
    Thank you very much, I really apreciate it. You and your family and studentes are in mi mind and in my prayers too.

    With the Orchid's tsuka I dont know, my hand was a bit cramped at the end. I went through the forms kinda light with it. Not with the full energy like i do with the iaito I use and the couple shinken I am comfortable with to do them. I think because Im not used to the thinner tsuka and all the swords weight feels like its at the tip even though its pretty light. And of course I was practicing inside. Not much room in the apt. I dont really have a place to practice outside and obviously cant practice with it in class.
    The most comfortable tsuka I have ever held is on my Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto. That sword is awesome. It weighs and balances the exact same as my iaito. That one is easier for me to do one handed techniques with because the tsuka is thinner than my iaito tsuka but not as thin as the Orchid's
    Yes it has been here for awhile now. I do really like it. We get along well together right away. Only complaint I have is that while the tsuka is nice and thin, its a bit too thin..Other than that its beautiful, pretty light, and a little different from the norm
    Yep shinken;) Got a used Hanwei Orchid. And now the torture of waiting for it to get here...
    I'm glad you agree. It is an interesting topic isn't it? And like I said in one of my posts. I am familiar with supernatural claims in Wushu, JMA and some FMA and s.e.Asian styles. But I hope some other things I don't know about may come up too. Like maybe m.a.'s from Thailand, Africa, even Europe.
    I'm doing ok. I'm on my last semseter of grad school. Working partime as a crisis intervention responder. Got my 3rd dan over the summer which I posted videos of in the general martial arts section. How about you? How is training? How is life?
    Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, I hope you all enjoyed it and ate lots of turkey :)
    You're welcome, bud. =] btw i tried to say a hello on here earlier but it wouldnt go through. Oh well. i can say it now. Hello! *waves* :)
    a full life is the best way to leave a legacy behind, eh? Thanks Daniel! Hope you are welll also!
    Good morning Daniel...had a trying week (lost a friend and my mother in law), but my daughter helps me keep perspective of the cycle of things. I've started planting a large garden (broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions, blueberries, figs, peas, cucs, tomatoes, and potatoes so far...not counting the herbs and flowers I already have...oh..and peppers)....yeah...spring is soooooo lovely! Life is precious and I am simply focusing on my blessings...hope you are well!
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