What M.A do you actually do?


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Im interested as to know what you guys do or have done in the past? So rather then check who posts in which forum Im just gonna ask you here. What Martial Arts do you do or have you done in the past (And it has to be more then one lesson!). And why did you start it?

Me I'm currantly a Kali JKD practicioner but I have also done a few bits of Wing Chun, Karate (Not sure what form), and Judo. I also did a few Taekwando and White Crane Kung Fu lessons but didnt have the time or the money to keep it up.

What bout you guys?
Yiliquan kung fu since 1985.

Pekiti-Tirsia for a brief period between 1985 and 1986.

Shuri-te Ha Karate-do (in Japan) for a brief time in 2000.

Modern Arnis (in Japan) from summer 2001 to present.

RyuTe Karate (in Japan) from about June to present.

Moving to Washington State in about a month - I will be continuing with Yiliquan and Modern Arnis, and beginning several other arts, primarily Shinto Muso-ryu Jojutsu.

I've been doing Kenpo karate since 1993.

Before that, I did a little Wado-Ryu karate (about 8 months--not even enough to get started).

Since then, I have played with Iaido (roughly a year), as well as some weapons work (stick, staff, knife, sword, nunchaku) (grand total of about 5 years of "serious" study).

I have also played a bit with fencing and western bladework.

That's a rough approximation of what I've been doing...;)

Are you sure we haven't done one of these in here before? I'm pretty sure I replied to a question like this in the past. Anyway, I'm pretty new to martial arts. I started a bit less than a year ago with the Chinese Martial Arts Club we have on campus. In fall 2001 I started taking classes in northern Shaolin long fist style kung fu. In spring 2002, our teacher split the class into groups to learn different forms and I was in the group that started learning a long form of Yang style tai chi. That's it. While I've always had some interest in martial arts, I never really studied any until recently.
I've done Tang Soo Do (mixed with Hapkido). I do TKD now. I donno what to call it anymore, though. It's a mix of several styles on top of TKD. Very confusing.
I am in
Cuong Nhu

M.A. IS FUN!!!

Im studying the art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido (Hapkido)
(we also are certified in Tae Kwon Moo Do) i started in Jan 02

Before that... 99-01 (about two years give or take a month)
Of Aikido!!

And as for the Future... get more into Kosho Ryu along with my Hapkido!!!:asian:
I've been studying Shotokan since May 2000 (with a couple of injuries hampering me now and then). Started Self defence Jan 02 and been studying Modern Arnis since June.

Not much but I love doing them all.
What would you like to know,

Cuong Nhu is a hybrid style which blends 7 different martial arts to create, Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Art. Shotokan style karate techniques, Boxing, Judo, Aikido, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, and Vovinam. Anything else you wanna know?

And it was made during the veitnom war.
3 Yrs. Judo starting when I was 8 yrs. old
3 1/2 Yrs. Shotokan 11 - 14 yrs old
16 Yrs. TKD 15- to present
In addition,while training in TKD I have at different times 'doubled up' ,with practise in boxing, submission wrestling (approx. 18 months in each) and to a lesser degree Aikido(sucked at it!!) and MT ( only sparring with 2 Thai brothers who are friends of mine).
I have MANY friends that I have meet over the years who train in all kind of arts. It's informative to get together with them on occation and see whats what!:EG:
I studied Dragon Style Kung Fu for about 4 years as a kid, I guess I was about 7 when I started. I studied that because my best friend and neighbor got too, and I couldn't let him get the upper hand on me! At 7 years old, these are the things that are important :)
Then at about 15 I began JKD. I studied it off and on for about 7 years. More off than on, High School and College tends to move your mind to girls!
I have since been studying 7 star praying mantis kung fu. I have a hard time changing from JKD, but I'm loving every minute of manits !
i started in shotokan karate and eventually switched to tang soo do (there are no shotokan schools where i live now.)

i have also touched upon pai lum tao kung for for about a month or so.

presently i am still doing TSD.
I've only done Aikido, I presently do Aikido, and I hope to always have the opportunity to do Aikido! :cool: I am also interested in trying other arts (in addition to Aikido) someday.

Robyn :erg:
I've only done Aikido, I presently do Aikido, and I hope to always have the opportunity to do Aikido! I am also interested in trying other arts (in addition to Aikido) someday.
Stop beating around the bush and just tell us if you really like Aikido ;)

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