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Types of martial arts and their origins around the globe?
Oh, this is gonna be a long list :erg:
I'll start with just a few:

Shaolin Gong Fu, Taijiquan, Wing Chun, JKD, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Chin Na, White Crane, Iron Palm

Aikido, Jujutsu, Judo, Karate, Ninjutsu

Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Yudo, Kung Sul, Kumdo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang So Doo

Pencak Silat, Cimande

Muay Thai

Escrima, Dumog, Balintawak, Arnis, Kali, Doce Pares

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China: JKD

I strongly object to crediting JKD to China. Let's look at a
couple of facts. 1) The creator of the art was born in the U.S.
2) The creator of the art (Bruce Lee) family was from Hong Kong,
which at the time, was under British rule, not China 3) Bruce
Lee developed the art in the United States. 4) The chinese
community where he lived when he first began teaching pretty
much turned their backs on him, for not following Chinese
tradition. IMHO, JKD is American.
I apologize for that...I just assume since he was chinese and Wing Chun is from China :asian:
Then, where do you consider it originally come from? US? Hong Kong? England?
Oh, I see you already said US :)

I believe that martial arts are from around the world. Does anybody know martial arts from Africa, Australia, Europe?
Originally posted by disciple
Does anybody know martial arts from Africa, Australia, Europe?

Europe has savate/boxe francaise and I would include boxing, wrestling, and fencing for starters. One could add in Mu Tau and Pankration (see here) and of course sambo and its variants.

Certainly there are African systems, ranging from simple local stickfighting sustems (see here) to more involved systems, but I can't think of the names of any. Of course they influenced the Brazilian system of capoeria.

I don't know of anything from Australia, though clearly they have weapons and ways of using them. The arts of Indochina and Indonesia may be related.

Consider also krav maga (Israel) and the arts of the Native Americans (someone has published a book on this I believe).
Disciple, if I came across as harsh to you specifically, then I
apologize. I've seen JKD credited to China NUMERIOUS times.
Please don't take it as me going off on you, I was going off on
that specific part of your post, and I took it that you were just
reporting possibly on what you've found.
This is a good thread, because I've been curious about a lot
of styles. I'd like to know what style is native to Vietnam, and
I'd like to know the country of origin of monkey kung fu.
Originally posted by disciple
Muay Thai:

Sorry, hate to nitpick (I'm definitely not one to talk about typos), but could you do me a small personal favor and edit this to read:

Muay Thai


I'd like to know what style is native to Vietnam

I've heard of a martial art called Viet Van Dao, or something along those lines, but I can't be certain if it even exists, really, or if it does that it comes from Vietnam. I wonder if anyone else out there has any info on this?
Yeah Kumasan is right, sorry about that too :asian:
Though I don't have the authorization to edit it maybe arnisador or other moderator could edit it for us
No need to apologize, I understand

So MuTau and Pankration are from Greece? How about Sambo and Savate?
I did some research and heres what I found:
SAMBO (SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya or Self-defense Without Weapons) is originally from Russia
Savate, or boxe Francaise is from France - similar to boxing
Russia can also lay some claim to Systema and ROSS.
I posted a few more Vietnamese arts links in the Indochinese Martial Arts-General forum.

In this post I listed some sites for Non-Oriental stick fighting (Savate and Sudanese, Zulu, and Canary Islands systems).

There are of course native wrestling systems just about everywhere--Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Iceland (gl穩ma) come to mind for example.
Originally posted by GouRonin
Russia can also lay some claim to Systema and ROSS.

More recently, yes. I posted some info. on Sambo history here.

All: Many of the systems being mentioned in this thread have previously been discussed on MartialTalk thanks to the diverse martial arts membership here--don't forget that there is a search facility!
Ah...there is a search facility!
but without knowing the names of the styles?:confused:
Originally posted by disciple
Ah...there is a search facility!
but without knowing the names of the styles?

Indeed! I only meant that as unfamiliar names appear in this thread people may wish to search MartialTalk for more info. on them.

There are several large lists of martial arts names on the web; is one place to start.
Does anyone know any native European martial arts? There was a piece about English ones from around 1000ad which used weapons like swords and pitchforks in Martial Arts Illustrated a couple of months ago. Ive forgotten the names and left the magazine at home (I'm currently at university) but maybe someone else knows what I mean?
Originally posted by white dragon
Does anyone know any native European martial arts?

I don't know any euoprean martial arts that use swords, except "normal" swords schools.

But I've come across a book, showing different styls of fighting that have gone lost by time. They are drawings from old books, showing how to do throws, defend yourself againts knifs and so on. Regrettably I don't own the book.

On the other hand there is still some remisence (sp?) of the old styls that are stil fought today. One of them is Glima: .
There is another, which I can't remember right now.


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